Amazfit Bip U Launched in India

The smartwatch company Amazfit has expanded its portfolio with the Amazfit Bip U launch. After the successful introduction of their predecessors Bip S lite and Bip S, the Bip U is one of the best offerings among their enormous smartwatch collection.

The smartwatch comes with nine days of battery duration, 5 ATM of water resistance, and an exceptionally lightweight design. The watch comes with more than 60 sports modes and 50 watch faces. For the female users, the smartwatch can also track menstrual cycle and the stress levels.

Now let us check out the details of this astounding device from Amazfit.

Full Review of Amazfit Bip U

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The brand new Amazfit Bip U is launched in India at an unbelievable introductory price of 3499 rupees. It is available on the and the official Website of Amazfit. It is already up for sale in fantastic color options of Green, Black, and pink.


Amazfit Bip U comes with numerous smart features that will take you towards the world of fitness with ease. 


With 320 x 302 pixels of high resolution large 1.43 inches screen, the watch provides a delicate display. The LCD TFT color display comes with a 2.5D protection of Gorilla Glass 3. The coating of anti-fingerprint prevents any unwanted fingerprint on the screen while using.

50 Watch Faces 

Now it will be more comfortable for you to follow your fitness regime with 50 watch faces that you can modify according to your mood. You can also upload your personalized photo as your watch face. 

You also have an option to set the watch face that includes weather, date, heart rate, time, step count, battery percentage.


The 31-gram lightweight body allows you to wear the watch for the entire length with extreme comfort. You can barely feel that you have been wearing anything when you are at your peak performance of the day.


Stay smart while you are taking a lap in the swimming pool for up to 50 meters of water depth. It will also record and track all the achievements and movements of your body under the water.

Sports Mode

With more than 60 plus modes, you can track your total walking distance, heart rate, calories, speed, and other vital elements. It also indicates if you are exercising in the cardiopulmonary strengthening or fat burning zone. Some of the sports modes included cycling, dancing, kickboxing, running, yoga, skating, etc.

Measurement of Blood Oxygen level (SPO2)

Amazfit Bip U can grasp a new health metric that is the measurement of the blood oxygen level. If you are not feeling fit or under a lot of stress due to unfinished deadlines in the office work, you can measure the oxygen saturation level. Through the OxygenBeats technology, you can measure the current physical state in which the user is in. With this feature’s help, I also determine which workout will be perfect for me every day.

Sleep Monitoring and Analysis

Through the SomnusCare sleep monitoring feature, you can enhance the sleep quality for the optimal output of the body. The watch closely monitors the different sleeping stages like light, deep, and REM sleep to indicate your sleeping pattern. It even tracks your afternoon naps like the Amazfit Neo and the total time you are awake throughout the entire day.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Bip U from Amazfit can track and maintain real-time heart rate monitoring for 24 hours in a day. The BioTracker process even warns the user if there is an elevated heart rate at any time. The dual PPG optical sensors for biological tracking assist in recording the heart rate.  

The PAI system is a health assessment mechanism that implements a different algorithm to compile together the vital information of the body into a score. It transforms complex information like the total duration of the exercise activity, data of the heart rate, and other significant health data in different numerical values.

PAI then represents this value in the form of data to the users. The Personal Activity Intelligence ascertains more on your overall fitness.

Stress Levels Monitor

This feature of stress monitoring level provides breathing training to the user according to the level of anxiety in their body. In this way, you can balance the stress levels with no difficulty.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Do you suffer from irregular periods? Do you have any difficulty in remembering your menstrual cycle? Then worry not, as this watch is perfect for the women with an irregular menstrual cycle. You will receive an alert for your missed period so that you can plan what next needs to be done. The device records your ovulation menstrual periods and also sends you a warning before the D-day.

Battery Life

With a full charge, you can extend the adventure and relax for nine days. The extensive battery life allows the user to travel or go to work with no need for a charger for a week. The 225 mAh battery takes about 2 hours to become fully charged.

Additional Features

Now stay connected with the outside world as it includes notification for the messages without looking at your phone. It allows complete control of your music by connecting it with apps like Spotify. The world clock and alarm system indicate different countries’ time zone and let you call your clients or friends at their appropriate time.

By pairing this smartwatch with your smartphone, the former acts as a remote control for clicking beautiful selfies from the mobile phone.

The stopwatch enables the user to record the running time and running speed during their exercise regime and thus improve their performance.

A lot of times I forget and misplaced my phone and kept looking in the house for it. But this Amazfit Bip U comes with an outstanding feature called “Find my Phone” that will track down the last known location of the device and will indicate you. This feature is a boon to the type of users like me. It also forecasts the weather of the day-thus warning you so that you can keep an umbrella with you beforehand.


All in all the Amazfit Bip U that’s has just been launched in India is a fantastic entry level smartwatch. It definitely fits the category of our best smartwatches under 10K rupees.

If you had been wanting to buy a good smartwatch but couldn’t buy earlier due to high prices then now is your chance to get your hands on a good smartwatch.

The Amazfit Bip U is available both on and Amazfit website.