How to Increase Running Stamina

How to Improve Running Stamina for Beginner

When I started running few years ago to keep myself fit I used to comfortably run for 2-3 Km without stopping. But I really wanted to hit that 10K mark as soon as I can. So as a beginner I searched the entire web to find my answer on how to increase my running stamina …

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How to warm up before running a 5K

Why should I warm up before running

Let me ask you guys a question – What do you do to warm up before running a 5k race? I am only asking because everyone I see at running events or races seem to do something different. So what about you? Do you do warm up exercises before running, do you have a specific …

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Can I use Pre-workout before a Run?

Can I take pre-workout before a run?

So there I am prepping for my evening workout, I feel a little sluggish and so I decided to take a little pre-workout before I hit the weights. And that is when my colleague turned to me and asked: “Can I use pre-workout before a run?” And I froze, and kind of went silent, because …

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