Best Budget Smartwatch in India

If you are looking for the best budget smartwatch in India then you’ve landed on the right page.

It may also be the case that you are not fully convinced whether getting a smartwatch is the right move for you or it’s just a waste of your money. That is why you’re probably looking to buy a budget smartwatch that doesnn’t hurt your pocket.

In a hurry? Here are our Top 3 Picks for Best Budget Smartwatch in India

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We will share the best budget smartwatch list with you but first let me share some insights about various smartwatch brands and which one is leading the market share.

Market share of smartwatches in India in Q1 2018 and Q1 2019

Best Budget Smartwatch in India


According to a study by Statista, Apple smartwatch has the highest market share in India. Another research study by Canalys revealed that Apple holds more than 45% market share of the entire smartwatch market in the World beating some other world class brands like Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Huawei etc.

We all know that Apple smartwatch is not a cheap smartwatch and so it doesn’t qualify as a best budget smartwatch. Therefore we need to identify few other smartwatches which can be considered as a “Budget smartwatch”.

With that said, here are few benefits of having a smartwatch:

  • Smartwatches have health monitors that help you keep track of your health data, such as your heartbeat and blood pressure.
  • You can get all your mobile notifications on your wrist, which is more convenient. Saves the effort and time in checking your phone every time especially when you’re at work OR if you’re away from your phone.
  • Few smartwatches have advanced features that help you control your connected devices such as TV and Bluetooth speakers.
  • There are some smartwatches that allow you to pick and make calls without having to use your smartphone like the Honor Magic 2 Smartwatch.
  • You can read notifications from this gadget without necessarily having to use your smartphone.
  • You get access to your messages, emails and phone calls even if you’re away from the phone.

The list of budget smartwatches in India is endless, but how much you are willing to spend is what dictates what to go for. A high price tag means a better smartwatch, but the concept of chipping in cheaper smartwatches to the industry is a relief to many people out there who actually can’t afford the expensive ones.

With just 2000 rupees, you can have this awesome gadget at your disposal. A smartwatch under 2000 rupees in 2019 seems too basic, but it doesn’t limit you from doing a couple of things.

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Seems like some good news to some, but the whole hassle is not in finding a smartwatch within this price range, it’s all about identifying the cheap and best smartwatch in India from the endless list of smartwatches.

There are thousands of options you can go for in this price bracket, but you just have to pick the best among them.  With all that said, here is a list of the five best budget smartwatches to go for in 2019.

Top Five Best Budget Smartwatch in India 2020 [Updated Sept. 2020]

1. 10.or Move+

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The 10.or Move+fitness watch is crafted for those looking to get a feature-rich smartwatch at a relatively low price. Apart from having a number of features, it has a decent design and an excellent finish.

What makes it stand out from other smartwatches in the market is its wrist control feature and its built quality.


  • You can easily find your phone, control music on your headsets and the camera shutter with it.
  • It has an incoming call and notification alert
  • It comes with IP68 water and dust resistance.
  • The smartwatch has multi-sport modes (Running, Cycling, hiking, swimming, walking)


  • The outdoor screen light is slightly dull so it is a bit difficult to look at the time and other things during normal daylight
  • Bluetooth frequently disconnects to the connected device.


2. Hoteon A1 Smart Wrist Watch

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The Hoteon A1 comes with the best display, chipset, and memory in comparison with smartwatches within this price range.

Even better is that you can connect this device to both android and iOS smartphones.

In hand with the brilliant display, is the ability to make and answer calls from its 1.6-inch dial. Its build quality is also decent and gives it that expensive look from any angle.


  • Bright brilliant display even in sunlight.
  • Supports the sync function.
  • It has a SIM card slot, camera, sports tracker and pedometer.


  • It only supports GSM and 2G networks, which are significantly slow compared to the 3G and 4G networks, thus you will need some patience when using internet related services.
  • The camera quality is poor.


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3. Riversong Motive Smartwatch

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This is probably the best affordable smartwatch in India currently. Its one-year warranty sums up the debate about its quality.

The Riversong Motive Black fitness watch is crafted to suit Android, Blackberry and iOS smartphones.

In hand with the superior hardware are blockbuster features such as Blood Pressure and oxygen monitoring. Powering the hardware is a 180 mAh battery that will keep you going for hours. It is definitely one of the the best low price smartwatch in India.


  • Supports iOS, blackberry, and Android.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • You can monitor your Blood pressure.
  • It comes with multiple sports modes.


  • It is a little bulky as compared to other devices on this list.
  • Lacks auto-focus and programmable buttons.
  • Not the best looking smartwatch in the price range of 4K

4. WearFit Versa Health and Fitness Tracker Watch

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If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable and the best affordable smartwatch in India with a long battery life, then the WearFit Versa is the best fitness smartwatch for you. It comes with a 1.3-inch highly responsive colored screen.

The dial and the soft silica gel band blend perfectly to give it an eye-catching design. In hand with the pleasing design is its water resistance capability, thus it is easy to track your sporting activities in harsh weather.


  • Large battery to keep you going for up to 14 days after you have fully charged it.
  • It can record your blood pressure, heart rate, calories burned, steps, and distance.
  • It is super-comfy when wearing it.
  • It has a stopwatch, alarm reminder, do not disturb mode and a multi-sports mode.


  • The sleep track and the step counter are inaccurate.
  • It doesn’t show the step count in the mobile application.

5. Acko Pro Fitness Smart Watch

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The last but not the least smartwatch on our list is the Acko Pro Fitness Smart Watch

It comes with a number of useful features and a decent display. It is a good deal for those investing in smartwatches for the first time. Doing the basic functions on this gadget such as monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure will not be a problem and you will hardly experience any glitches.


  • It is waterproof.
  • You can control the camera shutter and music with it.
  • You can track your all-day activities with it.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It is relatively bulky.
  • It has limited battery life.

Top 5 reasons to Buy a Smartwatch:

  1. You will have better battery life on your smartphone, since you will no longer have to rely on your smartphone all the time.
  2. You will have access to notifications that need your attention without necessarily having to refer to your phone.
  3. You can monitor your health with this device.
  4. You can listen to music and do internet related research with this device.
  5. Smartwatches are affordable (like the ones mentioned above)


With all that said, the 10.or Move+ tops the list and it is probably the best budget smartwatch in India, you should buy in 2019.

With amazing features such as long battery life and excellent built quality, it is the real deal!

Referring to its price, it is a complete bargain. Despite it being the best budget smartwatch in India, its popularity is growing day in day out in other countries as well.