Best Gym Shoes for Men in India

I have seen a lot of people in my gym wearing sports shoes and tennis shoes to the gym. Perhaps they don’t know that wearing a proper pair of gym shoes is very important for your workout especially if you lift weights. That is why we wanted to cover the list of best gym shoes for men in India.

Whether you do weight training, HIIT or just cardio, wearing the right pair of gym shoes is very critical to your performance and also to prevent any injury.

Ask any fitness trainer about shoes and the first thing they will tell you is to wear the right gym shoes for training inside the gym. You should not wear just any sports shoes, running shoes, walking shoes or even tennis shoes to gym.


Because gym shoes are crafted in such a way that they provide decent comfort levels during intense workouts. Besides, no pain, no gain!

Gym shoes are diverse and are suited for various activities such as deadlifts, crossfit, and also weight lifting.

So what type of shoes can you wear in the gym and how do they help us?

Let’s find out which are the best workout shoes in India…

best workout shoes for men

The 13 Best Gym Shoes for Men in India – Updated April 2021

1. Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 195 – Best Shoes for Cross-Training

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The Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 195 has a mesh upper that facilitates natural movement. It is best suitable for people who are into cross-training activities such as running, yoga, cycling, weight lifting etc.

The Meta-flux technology on the forefoot facilitates natural flexing whereas the Met-Cradle lacing system helps hold the foot secure.

The outsole provides an adequate grip on the ground. It also has a 3mm heel to toe drop that puts the foot closer to the ground thus delivering improved balance during functional movements. It is certainly one of the best gym shoe in India.

  • Ultra lightweight and super comfortable
  • Very stable when lifting weights, doing squats, and other exercises
  • Pretty durable even when having long work out programs
  • Easy transition for people who prefer barefoot training
  • Insole moves around during some training sessions
  • The forefoot section of the upper tends to wear out easily
All in all the F-Lite 195 poses a lightweight, comfortable and durable design. It qualifies to be among the best crossfit shoes for men. The low-profile design is very suitable for squats and lifting.


2. The Nike Men’s Retaliation Trainer 2 – Best Lightweight Gym Shoes

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The Retaliation 2 comes with regular width matched with a round toe design. The foot is housed by a mesh material wrapped up by a lace-up closure.

The outsole is threaded to provide maximum grip when working out. The design is spot on to match your casual look. It is one of the best shoes for weight training.

  • Good quality and durable
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable for working-out
  • Attractive look
  • Few users complained about the size running too small.

3. Nike Free Metcon 2 – Best for HIIT and Cardio-based Exercises

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The Metcon 2 is a superb shoe for the HIIT and cardio based exercises. For exercises such as box jumps, treadmills, skipping, squatting, lunges, cycling etc. you cannot get a better shoe than Metcon 2.

Even if you are someone who runs outdoor after their weight training or before their weight training this is the ideal shoe that you can buy.

It is ultra lightweight, flexible, and comes with a cushioned midsole. It has grooves on the outsole providing extreme flexibility and traction. The upper is made of durable mesh to give you an improved breathability.

The Flywire cables in the lace-up and rubber side wraps ensure a snug fit. The inner sleeve has a sock-like fit.

The real-time response combined with durability makes this stable trainer an ideal gear for HIIT enthusiasts.

  • It is blend of a cross-trainer and running shoe thus you can balance between the two.
  • The shoes are perfect for squats, skipping, treadmill runs, HIIT and standard bodyweight exercises.
  • Softer outsole providing a good balance of stability and comfort
  • Gives you a snug and a sock-like fitting
  • Might breakdown in 3-4 months if you use them daily in HIITs and other high intensity workouts.
  • Not suitable if you have slightly wide feet

4. Nike Romaleos 3 – Best for Deadlifts and Squats

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If you are actively working on building your lower body then you will love Nike Romaleos. Especially for someone who loves deadlifts and squats.

This shoe delivers the stability and locked-in fit you need during the intense weight training sessions.

The nylon midfoot strap and the Flywire cables are the ones that offer the dynamic lockdown. Its interchangeable insoles provide soft support to match what your regimen needs.

It also has a synthetic leather reinforcing the mesh on the upper that offers breathability and support. The outsole provides durable traction.

  • It has a sturdy heel that offers great support and balance while doing squats and deadlifts
  • Super attractive design, comes in a variety of colors
  • Comes with replaceable insoles
  • It has a cushioned collar that helps to keep the ankle steady and supported while doing weighted squats
  • Few users complained that the tongue wears out after several workouts
  • It requires some break-in period
  • The outsole starts to peels away after 8-9 months of usage

In terms of durability and longevity, the Nike Romaleos 3 lags a little bit. On the contrary, it provides top-notch stability and comfort. With a flexible forefoot, you can use this shoe for other workouts in the gym and it qualifies as one of the best shoes in India.

5. Reebok Speed TR Flexweave – Best Hybrid Gym Shoes

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The Reebok flexweave is an incredibly lightweight and stable shoe for your gym workouts. It can be classified as a hybrid shoe that you can use for HIIT classes, short runs outdoors or on treadmills, weight trainings, squats and deadlifts etc.
It is useful for those who are doing more agility based stuff while doing lifts. The shoes are very stable and has a little and not so bad in terms of heel strike so if you’re doing a lot of cardio activities like jumping, box jumps etc. then your feet doesn’t really bear the brunt. 
The Flexweave comes with two layers, one with the flexweave and an inner layer that gives you a sock like feel. The Reebok speed TR Flexweave is undoubtedly the best hybrid gym shoes.
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • Provides stability and support during your workouts.
  • Breathable, comfortable during weight trainings, deadlifts, squats
  • Super effective for your feet during cardio and HIIT sessions.
  • Solid and superior design and built. Full points on durability and longevity.
  • Not suitable if you have wide feet

6. Adidas Powerlift 4 – Best for Gym Beginners

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Spearhead your weight training to new heights. This footwear is made for stability. It has a narrow fit, a midsole wedge, and locking down your foot is the wide instep strap.

The rubber outsole keeps you planted on the ground firmly as you lift the weights. The upper part is made of high-quality canvas material. This footwear has a lace closure with a hook and loop strap.

Again, it is a lightweight weight lifting footwear and has a heel height of 28mm and an open forefoot with a flexible toe design.

  • The heel is incompressible thus it will give you good stability
  • Very comfortable and comes with an attractive design in a variety of vibrant color options.
  • It has a snug-fitting that prevents your feet from sliding from the inside of the footwear.
  • It has an excellent built quality and thus durable.
  • Despite the flexible forefront being versatile, it compromises the stability to some extent.
  • Upon lacing the shoe tightly, the upper material ruffles at the top.

The Powerlift 4 helps you lift heavier loads and is among the best shoes for weight training.

Well, the shoe might not be the most stable footwear when doing squats but it’s a solid choice for those that are into lifting weights and doing other exercises. For weight lifting beginners, this is the pair to get!

7. Nike Flex Control TR3 Training Shoes

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This Flex Control TR3 comes with a traditional tongue that offers a slip on and off comfort. It has top flexibility to keep you going for hours. It is one of the best training shoes in India. Let alone its performance, the design is sleek and astonishing.

  • Extremely lightweight and ultra comfortable
  • Comes with a Rubber outsole to give you flexibility and traction while running on a treadmill
  • Strong and durable upper with breathable mesh
  • It has deep flex grooves that let your foot move naturally.
  • Couple of users mentioned the shoe runs small than actual. They recommended to go with half size bigger.

8. Adidas Agora 1.0 Training shoes

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Little needs to be said about the company. This footwear is specifically designed for extensive training programs and is one of the best for weight training and cardio. The treaded rubber sole provides an adequate grip on most surfaces. It also has an advanced shock-absorbing feature.

  • Good build quality
  • The rubber sole provides adequate grip for ground based exercises and treadmills
  • The shoe is easy to clean
  • Has a good cushioning system
  • Suitable for long workout hours
  • Fantastic color combination
  • The shoes look a bit bulky
  • Most buyers mentioned that the average lifespan of these shoes is around 6-7 months
  • A bit heavy and may not help in treadmill running

9. Puma Tazon Modern Fracture Black

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Made in Germany to last. It comes with a modern design rounded up by a round toe style. The upper of Puma Tazon is made from a synthetic material to suit the sports lifestyle. It is among the best gym trainers in India.

  • It comes with an attractive, stylish and innovative design.
  • It offers more space at the toe area.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Soft cushion pads.
  • Looks bulky.
  • A bit heavy as compared to other gym shoes.
  • The product is relatively expensive.

10. Adidas Power Perfect III

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These shoes gives you the perfect chance to put your skills into practice. They feature a die-cut wedge midsole, heel support and an instep strap for excellent stability.

It also has a durable synthetic upper and an Adiwear sole to withstand severe conditions. The mesh in the forefoot provides flexibility and comfort.

  • It provides adequate stability for weight lifting and powerlifting exercises
  • Comes with an elevated heel that helps many users improve the ankle mobility hence you can go deeper when doing squats while still maintaining an upright torso position
  • The mesh toe box makes the forefoot less stiff and offers more wiggle room for the toes. It also improves foot breathability
  • It has a grippy outsole to hold you firm on the ground
  • The medial strap is placed a bit higher to provide a more secure foothold
  • It has the EVA midsole that is less compressible when compared to the TPU platform that is found in other weight lifting shoes
  • The flexible forefoot makes you less planted to the ground
  • Requires a break-in period

11. Reebok Legacylifter Cross Trainer

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This is among the best workout shoes for men. They come with a rubber sole having a medium-size shoe width rounded up by a lace-up closure design.

The prototype incorporates the CJ Cummings weight lifting phenomenon. It is among the most technical Olympic shoes to have hit the platform. The 0.75-inch-high heel provides an optimal position for squatting.

On the other end, the anatomical figure and two adjustable straps on the upper side give you a customizable, locked-down fit and feel.

A rubber outsole provides maximum grip to keep you grounded all the time. It also has an Exoframe heel that improves stability and support.

The Reebok Legacylifter comes with a full foam collar lining with an Achilles pad for maximum comfort during your workouts.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Suitable for a number of weight lifting activities in the gym
  • It has an excellent heel-to-toe drop that helps maintain a better upright posture when doing squats.
  • The double strap locking system helps to keep the foot in place, thus providing an exceptionally comfortable fit
  • The insole of the shoe offers refined arch support
  • The shoe has a sleek design
  • Looks a bit bulky than an average training shoe
  • The Upper bunches up at the forefoot area when the footwear is tightly laced
  • Outsole is mounted cheaply to an extent that it might come apart after few months and might require re-stitching

All in all, the Legacylifter is an excellent evolution of the Nano 8 and brings more comfort, stability, and versatility. It is an all in one option and qualifies to be among the best crossfit shoes in India.

12. The Nike Free TR 8

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Hands down these are one of the best Nike Gym shoes.

The Nike Free Tr 8 comes with a mesh material mounted onto a rubber sole. This lightweight prototype has a lace-up closure design and a hot-knifed flex groove to enhance the natural motion. It is also considered as one of the best weightlifting shoes in India.

  • It has a lightweight design.
  • It offers adequate stability
  • It has hot-knifed flex grooves to enhance your natural motion
  • It is durable.
  • Fits those with wider feet.
  • Good build quality.
  • The footwear looks cheap.

13. Adidas 24/7 TR Ankle High

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The 24/7 TR Ankle High from Reebok is truly one of the best gym shoes from Adidas.

This durable, performance-based Adidas shoe comes with a patented mesh design. It is among the best shoes for weight training and cardio. It is incredibly lightweight and flexible. It also has a breathable upper part for maximum air circulation.

  • It is super comfortable.
  • Awesome design.
  • They are unisex.
  • It has a great cushioning system.
  • It is perfectly lightweight.
  • Offers maximum air circulation from the tongue to the vamp and the heel loop
  • They are unisex so you might have difficulties getting the right size.

Why is it important to wear proper workout shoes during gym sessions?

Best Training Shoes for Men in India

Any activity in the gym requires a special gear. Gym shoes come with lightweight designs for specific workout sessions. This helps reduce injury exposure chances.

Almost all big shoe manufacturing companies like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, New Balance, Asics etc. know the importance of producing a separate line of shoes for workouts.

These are not your typical running shoes or sneakers but they are designed specially for high intensity exercises to provide stability, support, balance and cushioning to your feet.

Usually you will notice that the heel of gym shoes is cushioned using various technologies to help absorb the impact from heavy landings (uncontrolled impact can lead to an ankle sprain, fractures, and bunions)

I can’t emphasize this enough; Gym shoes must be hella comfortable.

Gym shoes act as a protective medium to your feet, toes, or ankles specifically when getting down to your routine. They hence facilitate a less strenuous program.

They improve your flexibility, comfort, and stability in your indulgence. That’s why choosing the right gym shoes can be crucial to your performance.

Anatomy of Trainer Shoes

Shoe Tongue

This is the shoe part that forms a barrier between the feet and the lacing system. It is present on the upper part of the shoes. For gym shoes, this part is padded to provide extra comfort.

Shoe Lacing system

As the name suggests, it’s the system that allows you to adjust the fitting of the footwear. It is made up of eyelets and the laces (round or flat).

The laces are passed through the eyelets from bottom to top. Eventually, the laces are tied together with your desired fitting.


It is the upper portion of the shoe that houses the foot. It is either made from a synthetic material, mesh, or leather. It is then mounted to the midsole.


The midsole is where air or gel is encapsulated to provide some form of cushioning. It is between the outer sole and the upper part of the shoe. The midsole acts as a shock absorber and at the same time provides support.


This is the part that is directly in contact with the ground. It acts as the rubber barrier between the ground and feet. The traction on this part is the one that provides grip and allows you to maneuver on any surface.

Sock Liner

Popularly known as the insole, it is the removable foam layer lodged inside the shoe. It protects the foot from the itchy seams, thus refining the comfort levels of the person wearing the shoes. The insoles may be arched or cushioned to provide extra comfort.


The lasting of the shoe is located between the insole and midsole where the upper part is attached to the sole.

Heel counter

The heel counter provides additional support and stability. Just like the name suggests, it is located at the back of the heel just above the sole.

Heel cuff

It is also referred to as the heel collar. It is padded and surrounds the ankle, thus securing it in its place. It provides comfort and extends all the way back to the ankle, therefore providing extra support.

What to look for while buying Gym Shoes – Buyer’s Guide

The market is flooded with sports shoes, but it only takes the best to do the best. Choosing the most suited footwear for the task can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. But as soon as you are done with this guide, the decision can be much easier.

Types of Gym Training Shoes

First things first, what are you doing in the gym? Weight lifting or just keeping yourself fit.

Running shoes and cross-trainers are the most basic gym shoes.

Secondary gym shoes can be used when lifting weights. Each pair is specifically suited for its sole purpose with bodybuilders preferring shoes with a better cushioning system and a raised heel.


Wearing oversized gym shoes will not just leave you looking like a 40-year-old Charlie Chaplin. It will alter your performance. In fact, this is the first thing you should keep in mind whenever you are fitting.

Weight and comfort

Now consider the weight and the comfort of your shoe. The lighter the footwear, the better your endurance will be. On the other hand, less weight without comfort is just meaningless.

You know what would happen if comfort is absent literally in any situation and trust me when it comes to working out, it’s way worse. Bulky shoes are just bad news, even when they are super comfortable, they still find a way to meddle with your progress.


Cushioning chips in comfort when pressurizing your feet to the ground. Cushioning systems vary in technology, but at the end of the day, the degree of cushioning is determined by the pressure exerted to your feet.

If you are in the gym for aerobics, medium cushioning can do the job, but on the other hand, bodybuilders need maximum cushioning since they are exposed to extra weight from dumbbells and weight machines. Padding also helps improve the cushioning and at the same time spearing the comfort positively. The cushioning reduces ankle sprains and fractures, which might occur during heavy landing.

Lacing system

A good lacing system ensures a perfect fit. Shoes with a loose lacing system are super uncomfortable since they don’t offer a perfect grip to your feet. The lacing system is simply the icing on the sugar!

Outer sole

The thickness of this part is dependent on the purpose of the footwear. Thick soles are suitable for running, whereas cross-trainers (thinner and flat soles) require more contact with the ground.

Durability and maintenance

Did you forget about durability? Well, I didn’t! Besides, do you want to be wasting your fortune every time chasing fake shoes? I guess not. Good gym shoes have a quality upper part stitched to a rubber sole to ensure more days of working out.

Also, you should have a proper maintenance routine in order to ensure the shape isn’t distorted too soon, or generally, the shoe wearing out too soon. Keep it clean at all times.


The price is relative. Some will offer thousands while some will offer relative. But economically, choose the best out of the least. Again, a hefty price tag doesn’t always assure the best quality


Whether you do cardio, cross-training or weight training, the truth is that you really need to keep a separate pair of trainers for yourself. At the end it is not just about style and looks but it is also about injury prevention.

And wearing the right trainer shoes will go a long way in preventing an injury.

Anyone who is passionate about hitting the gym can find a pair of trainers  from the above list regardless of their budget. There are some shoes that are stylish than others, but one factor that you can’t ignore is the comfort part.

Less comfort, less motivation!

Well, there is nothing wrong with you trying to maintain your swagger in the gym by choosing a stylish design that stands out from the crowd. But one needs to maintain the right balance between style and comfort. And I am sure the above list of top 10 gym shoes will help you in making your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can running shoes or walking shoes be used in the Gym?

No, it is recommended to ideally wear gym shoes or trainers while working out in the Gym. Running and walking shoes are not designed for weight lifting since they have a soft cushion. On top of that, they will wear out sooner than they are supposed to last.

Can I wear basketball shoes for the gym?

Gym shoes offer support on the heel and ankle to help you in a lot of exercises especially during deadlifts and squats. A basketball shoe will not be able to provide you adequate heel support and comfort that is required in the gym.

How often do you need to replace the gym shoes?

If you use your shoes an average of 3-4 hours a week, you need to replace them every 6 - 9 months. If you use them an average of seven hours a week, you shall replace them every 4-5 months. It also depends on how much care you give to your gym shoes.

Which is the best way to keep gym shoes from smelling?

The following steps will help you to keep gym shoes from smelling:

  • Wash your feet often.
  • Wear the right socks and shoes.
  • Take your shoes off as soon as you are done with your workout.
  • Use sweat and smell reducing products.
  • Replace your insoles every 2-3 months.
  • Wash your shoes frequently.

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