Best Marathon Shoes in India

The above picture of mine is from the standard chartered marathon that happened in January 2020.
Somehow I completed the 10 Kms marathon in 59.14 minutes. Amazing right!
This was my personal best and trust me I’ve never run that fast and without a break for 10 Kms straight.
This was my first time and I was so proud of this achievement…
Are you also a regular marathon runner?
Or perhaps you’ve landed on this site because you’re looking to buy the best marathon running shoes.
If yes then you definitely know how important it is to buy the best marathon shoes for yourself. Buying the right marathon shoes will not only help you to overcome an injury but it will also help you in developing a proper running form.
But the question is how to filter through hundreds of shoes in the shoe store and on ecommerce sites to select the best marathon shoes for yourself.
Being a shoe geek, I’ve used and reviewed dozens of different marathon shoes. I also have a tendency to look at other people shoes when they are running. In fact that is the first thing that I usually look at unintentionally.
I also pay a close attention to their running form and if they are running correctly or not.
Believe me I’ve seen some weirdest runners in my life, from people who hardly lift their feet while running to people who run really fast but their bodies leaning towards only one side.
All of them are bound to be injured if they continue like this.
Back on track to share a list of the best marathon running shoes for Men.
I don’t want to confuse you by giving a long list of 10 or 20 running shoes therefore I’ve kept this list short and highlighted the best marathon running shoes available in India right now.

The 6 Best Marathon Running Shoes in India [2020]

1. Skechers GoRun 6 – Best Marathon Shoes under 8000

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  • Probably the best marathon running shoes in India below 8000.
  • Runners felt these shoes were ultra lightweight and helped them to run long distances.
  • Most runners felt the cushioning was extremely supportive and responsive.
  • Buyers really liked the ultra-soft Memory foam insole that is used.
  • Few users questioned the durability and longevity of these shoes.

2. New Balance Fresh Foam Arishiv2 – Best Marathon Shoes for Neutral Runners

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  • Runners appreciated the fantastic colors and design.
  • Users mentioned the shoes were comfortable and fit nicely
  • Long distance and marathon runners were happy with the upper as it provides breathability and helped to keep their feet dry and without any sweat.
  • Couple of users mentioned the shoes started tearing after 2 months of use.
  • Few runners questioned the durability of these shoes because of light upper.


3. Nike Free RN Distance 2 – Best Marathon Shoes for wide feet

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  • Runners termed these as amazingly beautiful shoes
  • Two users reviewed these shoes as most comfortable marathon running shoes in India
  • Runners applauded the toe box of these shoes which is wide enough for your fingers to swirl around
  • Overall buyers liked that the shoes were comfortable and lightweight
  • Lot of users complained that the shoe size runs smaller than their regular size. Recommend to buy one size higher than your usual size.
  • Few runners mentioned that small stones get stuck in the outer sole which was really irritating.

4. Under Armour Charged Lightning Running Shoes – Best Running Shoes for Good Looks [can also be used for other activities]

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  • Runners described these shoes as super comfy, amazing fit and extremely lightweight.
  • Buyers liked the sleek design and colors and used these shoes for other activities apart from running.
  • Couple of users tried these during their gym workouts and found them really comfortable and supportive while lifting weights and running on treadmill.
  • No issues with size – recommended to buy your usual size
  • Buyers liked that these shoes are really affordable considering a premium brand like Under Armour.
  • One buyer questioned the shoes were genuine or fake as this model has not being sold now in western countries.
  • Few users mentioned the shoes produce a weird sound when you walk.
  • Upper is not as breathable as it should be therefore the feet gets moist on long runs.

5. ASICS Gel-Ds Trainer 24 – Best Marathon Shoes for Overpronators

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  • Runners described Gel-Ds Trainer 24 as probably the best marathon and speed racing shoe in India
  • Buyers felt shoes were extremely lightweight, super comfortable, breathable and the right size.
  • People who tried Gel-Ds Trainer 23 felt these were even better performing shoes for marathons.
  • Expensive

6. ASICS Gel Quantum 90

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  • Provides a very snug fit
  • Offers excellent breathability
  • Pretty affordable
  • Has a stretchable upper
  • Some buyers claim it’s not true to size
  • Some say the shoe feels tight around the top

The Gel Quantum 90 from Asics have the right balance between style and function that is meant for both indoor and outdoor sporting activities and events.

It comes with a better Gel technology cushioning than its previous models, while longer-lasting comfort and stability.

They have been designed for long distance running however they can be used for shorter distances as well. If you are looking for a good marathon running shoe that you can also use sometimes for regular daily use, then you should look at the Gel Quantum 90.



The above mentioned shoes are the bestselling marathon running shoes in India currently. If you are a neutral runner than you should definitely look at either Skechers GoRun 6 or Under Armour Charged Lightning Running Shoes depending on your budget.

If you are a runner with overpronation (people with low arch) than you definitely should aim for ASICS Gel-Ds Trainer 24

Have you tried any of these shoes or any other shoes for Marathon. Do mention your experience in the comments below to help other runners who may still be looking to find the best shoes for Marathon running in India.