Best Motion Control Shoes in India

Do you have flat feet and looking to buy the best motion control shoes in India?

Lets first understand what are motion control shoes.

Motion control shoes are specially designed for people who have flat feet or low arched feet. It is extremely difficult for these people to run and most of them face issues with their feet at some part in their life.

A small percentage of the population get flat feet from genetics, but for everyone else it develops later.

It’s very unlikely you were born that way. If you are flat footed it is possible that its the result of weakened muscles in the feet.

I’ve seen a number of runners who have flat feet really struggle to run even one mile. I’ve also seen runners with flat feet running 10K and even doing half and full marathons without even taking a break. The beauty lies in wearing the right shoes that support your flat feet.

The question is what kind of running shoes support flat feet?

Runners with flat feet generally overpronate and because of this they are prone to a number of injuries like bunions, ankle pain, knee pain, and lower back pain. A recent study claims that roughly 90 percent of people with flat feet overpronate.

Science says that your foot’s arch is a natural shock absorber and a low arch or flat foot could cause problems throughout your drive train and core especially when you are running.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet India

So then how does a person with flat foot can run?

Well the person needs to wear a good pair of motion control shoes which are specially designed for runners with flat feet.

Most running shoe brands design shoes for overpronation and there are some brands that specialize in manufacturing good shoes for flat feet.

These are Brooks, Hoka one, while other brands like Asics, Nike and Adidas have few shoes that are designed for flat feet.

These are all international brands and therefore the prices will be expensive for people in India. Lets see which of these brands have the best running shoes for overpronation.

The Six Best Motion Control Shoes in India [for Flat Feet]

1. Nike Lunar Glide 9

No products found.

2. Mizuno Wave R613B53 Wave 12

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3. Adidas Adistar Boost ESM

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4. Asics Gel Kayano 24

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5. New Balance 520

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6. Asics Gel Fortitude 8

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