Best neutral running shoes in India

Best Neutral Running shoes in India

If you are a regular runner and you know that you have medium-high or high arch feet then you should only buy the best neutral running shoes.

What are Neutral Running Shoes?

Neutral running shoes are made for people who have high arch feet. Because of this, the foot tends to roll outward causing the runner to underpronate or supinate.

If you still don’t know your foot arch or you’re not clear about pronation concepts then perhaps you should first read this article.

Here is a picture explaining various foot types.

What are various arch types?
Foot Arch Types Explained


Because of your high arch, you would need additional support during running because your foot doesn’t have the natural ability to absorb shock.

This could lead to injuries such as plantar fascitis or shin splints.

This means you will need to buy the best neutral running shoes in India. This post will definitely help you in making a right decision as we’ve mentioned the Top 5 neutral shoes in India for running.

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Also a new study suggests that if you are a beginner level runner, you should start with neutral shoes irrespective of your pronation.

Top 5 Best Neutral Running Shoes in India 2020

1. Reebok Ultra Speed Running Shoes – Best neutral running shoes for beginners

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  • These shoes were so comfortable to people used these for long walks and running
  • Runners described these as the best running shoes under 3000 Rs. in India.


  • Users mentioned these shoes were not durable and were torn within 6 months of use.

2. Nike Free 5.0

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  • Build quality is superb since I have been using it for the past 2 years
  • Most affordable Nike shoes in India


  • Dust collects on it after runs and it needs frequent washing and cleaning
  • Only available in few sizes online (hard to get your size online)

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3. Nike Revolve 2

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  • Comfortable, extremely light weight and breathable upper provides a superb experience to runners
  • One user mentioned he has been using these shoes regularly on his runs for more than 2 years and the shoes are still in a good shape.


  • Couple of buyers complained that the colors were not the same as displayed online

4. Nike Revolution 3

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  • Runners mentioned that these shoes were extremely lightweight and comfortable while running.
  • All runners who tested these shoes for long distance running said the cushioning was excellent.


  • Buyers mentioned that that colors did not appear to be the same what they noticed on the website.
  • Not durable 

5. Nike Air Relentless 4 MSL

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  • Buyers described these as one of the best Nike shoes.
  • Super lightweight and very comfortable
  • One user mentioned he was happy with the performance of the shoes when he used them for running on treadmill.


  • Some runners mentioned that the outsole came off the shoes within 3 months of usage.


The above shoes are meant for Neutral runners only. If you are a neutral runner than you can choose anyone of these according to your budget. My personal favorite is Nike Revolve 2 which I recommended to couple of my friends. Both of them are for neutral runners and they have been quite happy with the performance of Nike Revolve 2.

Have you used any of these shoes or you recommend good running shoes that you’ve used recently. It would be a great help if you also recommend good running shoes to help other runners in India.

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