Best Running Shoes Under 5000 in India

Buying a new pair of running shoes can be an expensive affair especially if you want to keep one pair for marathon and the other pair of shoes for daily running. What makes it more difficult is if you have a set budget to buy the best running shoes under 5000 rupees. I am there to help you in saving your time and money by suggesting which are the best running shoes under 5000.

What you will learn in this post:

Are expensive running shoes better than cheaper ones?

Top 3 Recommended Running Shoes under 5000

Top 10 Best Running Shoes under 5000 in India

What to look for when buying running shoes below 5000?

How to find affordable yet best running shoes in India


In a Hurry? Here are our Top 3 Recommendations for the Best Running Shoes under 5000 in India.

Our Top Pick
ASICS Gel-Quantum 90

  • Marathon / Racing Shoes
  • Neutral Arch
  • Road Running Shoes

  • Daily Running (<5K Runs)
  • Neutral Arch
  • Road Running Shoes
Our Top 3
Under Armour Rapid

  • Daily Running (<5K Runs)
  • Neutral Arch
  • Road Running Shoes

Expensive vs Cheap Running Shoes

A study that was done recently to see if all expensive running shoes are better than the affordable ones? According to this recent study expensive running shoes are rated 8.1% worse than the 10 cheapest running shoes. People also expect a lot from expensive running shoes because they shell out a lot of money to get comfort, durability and long lasting.

However according to a research done by RunRepeat, expensive running shoes get much lower ratings than the affordable and cheap ones.

When you are looking for a running shoe, remember to choose the best ones based on your foot type and pronation.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes Under 5000 in India [Updated – May 2021]

1. Under Armour Rapid

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Under Armour is a US company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Their global headquarters are in US and they have various manufacturing and R&D facilities across the world. They are well known for their R&D and the use of technology that they do for all of their products.

Under Armour is committed to designing and manufacturing the next generation of athletic apparel and they even have an innovation lab that features robots who make sneakers.

Under Armour has a variety of shoes for just about any physical activity, whether you’re using them to run, play on the field, or train in the gym.

The Under Armour Rapid shoes are specifically designed for runners who are looking for the right balance between flexibility and cushioning.


  • Super lightweight as compared to few other running shoes in the market.
  • Forefront design makes it easy for runners to fit into it.
  • Because of its beautiful design and breathable upper, runners don’t get sweaty feet while running.


  • The Stitching near the sole might break down slowly
  • This pair is not a good choice for runners who have wide-feet

2. Adidas Zeta 2.0

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The Zeta 2.0 shoes are designed to help athletes go the extra mile while providing optimum cushioning, thanks to its full-length Cloudfoam technology and stretch mesh upper.

Its rubber outsole offers the finest durability and the smart style details help balance the clean design. It is one of the best selling running shoes in India.


  • The stretch mesh helps the shoe fit like a sock
  • The Cloud foam insole offers maximum comfort while running
  • The midsole is soft and excellently responsive
  • Extremely lightweight to help runners for long run


  • Not suitable for trail running
  • A narrow toecap (front end) of the shoes so not suitable for people with wide feet

3. ASICS Gel Quantum 90

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The Gel Quantum 90 from Asics hits the right balance between style and function that is meant for both indoor and outdoor sporting activities and events.

It comes with a better Gel technology cushioning than its previous models, while longer-lasting comfort and stability.

They have been designed for long distance running however they can be used for shorter distances as well. If you are looking for a good marathon running shoe that you can also use sometimes for regular daily use, then you should look at the Gel Quantum 90.


  • Provides a very snug fit
  • Offers excellent breathability
  • Pretty affordable
  • Has a stretchable upper


  • Some buyers claim it’s not true to size
  • Some say the shoe feels tight around the top

4. Puma Descendant

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Behold! The very same shoes that you’ve seen Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli wearing on many occasions. As you may know, Kohli is also the brand ambassador of Puma.

Puma is one of the very few brands that offer the kind of durability, long-lasting capability, and comfort thats required. Comfort and style have always served as the main priority for the brand when using all manner of high-quality materials for their footwear. The Puma Descendant is one of the best running shoe of Puma in India.


  • Offers a nice and smooth exchange system.
  • Very attractive design.
  • Ideal for running, walking or jogging.
  • Extremely lightweight.


  • A bit expensive as compared to other Puma running shoes
  • Sizing at times runs small for some

5.  Adidas Adiray 1.0

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Adidas again!

Adidas hits a home again with the Adiray 1.0 running shoes. Not only are these shoes extremely lightweight, but they also sport a new upper design that is made low to ground with faster 3-Stripes execution that enhances the pair’s overall appeal and provides a great fit.


  • Synthetic overlays with Mesh underlays offer great breathability and durability.
  • Ultra Lightweight flexible sole provides both comfort and support.
  • They are versatile in that they can be worn during intense workouts or during office hours.


  • Fitting is sometimes a big issue
  • Laces can be slippery for tying especially when one is in a hurry

6. Nike Runallday

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The Runallday shoes from Nike is a strong staple for everyday exercising. It features a lightweight engineered mesh upper that provides breathable comfort and a flexible fit even as you’re going about your day on the field or at the gym.


  • Cushioned heel collar maximizes comfort and enhances fit
  • The rubber outsole is reliable and offers long-lasting wear as well as a durable grip
  • Supportive midfoot webbing offers a secured locked-in fit.


  • Can be uncomfortable at times
  • Sometimes performs poorly

No products found.

Any Asics fans out there?

Known for its incredible breathability, comfort and being lightweight, the Stormer 2 offers even more breathability than its predecessor. It comes with an injected midsole for everyday comfort and a reinforced stitched toe cap for extra durability, while the mesh and the synthetic overlays allow the feet to remain cool and supported.


  • Very affordable considering the comfort and durability of these shoes
  • Its durability and comfort enhance performance, making it ideal for low-impact walks and short jogs.
  • Excellent moisture management that eliminates excess sweat and moisture


  • Few complaints of upper layers cracking
  • The lack of high eyelets can be a problem for tight lacing

8. Nike Flex Experience RN 8

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If you crave lightweight comfort that conforms to every step you take, then the Flex Experience RN 8 from Nike is the right running shoe for you. Its soft knit material in the upper allows your foot to snug in comfortably and the outsole flex grooves adapt to any place you go.


  • The heel’s soft fabric provides an adaptive fit
  • The laces’ no-sew overlay provides durability
  • The textured outsole offers extra traction and durability


  • Soles can be slippery at times
  • The top part of the shoe is uncomfortable for some runners

9. ASICS Gel-Phoenix 9

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The Gel-Phoenix 9 from Asics is an excellent mid-level running shoe that delivers on stability and support for runners. And with its new visible cushioning story as well as sporting the brand’s duo max support system, the Phoenix 9 is a superb option for casual runners and enthusiasts alike.


  • DuoMax support system reduces stress and helps balance the foot during transitions
  • SpEVA midsole material offers great energy return to bounce into the next step
  • AHAR+ Ride outsole provides durable traction for long runs
  • Rearfoot Gel cushioning absorbs shock for a more comfortable footfall


  • Some users have complained of low-quality
  • Some owners can find it stiff for their feet

10. Mizuno R613B52 Wave Inspire 12

No products found.

Mizuno is a Japanese company that has a long-standing tradition of producing and marketing some of the finest sports footwear in the world.

The wave Inspire 12 running shoe is a fine testament for the brand’s reputation. The twelfth entry in the long-running line comes with several new features including an improved upper as well as some patented elements like the Wave technology in its midsole.


  • Its above-average breathability provides more breathability in long runs.
  • Excellent for daily running
  • Carries on the tradition of Wave technology of amazing support and cushioning
  • Better cushioning with anti-microbial features


  • A bit heavier than the previous model
  • Not really that attractive to look at
  • Narrow in the forefront area

What to look for when buying running shoes below 5000?

Arch Type

The first thing that you need to consider when you look at any running shoe is to first identify the arch type. You see everyone has a different foot arch and you should only buy running shoes that matches your arch type.

Wearing a running shoe that doesn’t match your arch type may lead to a lot of injuries. Trust me this simple yet effective way of buying running shoes will not only save your time and money but it will also prevent you from any injuries that might occur as a result of wearing wrong pair of running shoes.

How to find your Arch Type

Thats why we at runaddiction provide you the arch type of each and every shoe reviewed on our site. If you are not sure what’s your foot arch then you should do the wet foot test.

Once you are one hundred percent sure about your arch type then you need to look at next parameter.


The second most important thing to consider before buying running shoes is the size. This is because if you wear running shoes which are a little bit bigger than your foot will most likely slide towards the front while running.

Never assume your foot size before buying a new running shoes because different brands have different sizes and widths.

Here are 3 easy steps you should take to ensure you get the correct size of running shoes for yourself:

Long distance vs daily running shoes

Another thing to keep in mind while buying running shoes is if you’re buying them for your shorter runs or for longer runs like 5K, 10K or more.

If you run long distances regularly like 5K, 10K or more then you should look at buying shoes which are extremely lightweight, more durable, provide adequate arch support and cushioning to your feet. At the same time provide breathability to your feet so that you don’t have sweaty feet while running.

It is quite common these days for regular runners to keep two pair of shoes. One that they use for their daily runs and the second pair when they participate in marathons.


Before buying running shoes you really need to ask yourself why you’re actually buying these shoes. How will you make use of these shoes?

  • Will you use them for running daily?

If you are looking for a daily running shoe I would recommend that you look at the shoes recommended above and pick a shoe that matches your pronation. Don’t just buy running shoes because your friend has bought them recently.

It might be a good idea to first run in your old pair of shoes for one week and then spend money on a new pair of running shoes.

  • Will you wear them to Gym?

Are you a gym goer?

If you are a regular gym goer then you should only buy training shoes and not running shoes or sneakers. When you do exercises like squats, deadlifts etc. you need shoes that provide more support to your heels. Don’t fall out for running shoes and instead invest in a good pair of gym shoes.

If you’re someone like me who alternates between running and weight training then you should have two separate pairs of shoes for both purposes.

Don’t make the mistake of using the same pair of shoes for two different things.

So use Gym Trainers when you are going to gym and Running shoes on your running days.

  • Are you going to use them as casual shoes or sneakers

I hope you are looking to buy actual running shoes and not just sneakers. Most people are not able to differentiate between running shoes and sneakers. Sneakers can generally be used for gym use, casual wear or for playing other outdoor sports such as badminton, volleyball etc.

Remember running shoes are specifically made for running therefore buy running shoes if you intend to jog or run.

Road Running Shoes vs Treadmill Shoes

Do you run on roads / sidewalks OR you run on a treadmill?

There are different running shoes for different terrains. Therefore you should only buy the Road Running shoes if you are planning to run on roads which would be case mostly.

If you plan to run in a park you should look at buying Trail running shoes. We always mention the ideal terrain for each and every running shoe that we review on RunAddiction to help our readers.

Other things you may need for running

Also keep in mind that there might be other things that you would need to buy to complete your running gear like a smartwatch, wireless headphones, armband etc. It is advisable to invest in a good smartwatch so that you can track your progress from starting. However these products are not a necessity to begin with.

Only running shoes are a required in order for you to run injury-free and for that you need to pick the best running shoes in the market.

When I started running I immediately realized that there are few other things that I need to invest on.

These products were :-

You may not need these things in the beginning but eventually you would need to have these things in your Running Gear. These things just makes your life easier.

There are various other filters that you can use but I suggest you don’t use them as it would narrow down on the bestselling shoes and you may miss out on few good bestselling shoes.

e) Look at each shoe carefully, read reviews including pros and cons.

You cannot order shoes from because it is an international site and these brands will not ship to India.

So just copy the name of this shoe and paste it in Amazon to see if these shoes are within our budget of 5000 rupees.

You need to compare the design and color of these shoes with the ones on other sites to see if you are getting original shoes. Look at each thing carefully.

Best running shoes under 5K

For example my favorite running shoe is Asics Gel Kayano 25 and it matches my arch type and pronation. I checked the price of Asics Gel 25 on Amazon but it was more than 5000 Rs.

You need to repeat the above steps until you get the best running shoes below 5000 rupees.

Bottom Line

Most people buy running shoes online by looking at their colors or design and think they will look good on their feet while they are running. Don’t make that mistake!
As we mentioned earlier, there are no best running shoes. Choosing the right running shoes ultimately boils down to two things – comfort and long lasting-ness. As long as you buy a running shoe that suits your pronation type and it provides you with right arch support it will be a best running shoe for you.
The above options gives you a range of choices to select the best running shoe based on your pronation, usage, terrain and budget.
Tell us your experience if you’ve tried any of the above shoes. If you want an opinion on any other shoes please mention that in the comment below.

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