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When you think about the best shoes brand in India there are only few names that comes on top of your minds like Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc. However you don’t have the factual data on which is the biggest shoe brand in India.

We promise that by the end of this post you will have a complete understanding and knowledge about various shoe brands in India and their details.

First let’s look at the global footwear market statistics.

The global footwear market has a market volume of US$93334M as of 2020. Of course the biggest market in the world is United States and that is where the most revenue is generated.

Statistics about the Indian Footwear market
India’s footwear segment revenue is US$2,505m in 2020. Revenues are expected to show an annual growth rate of 14.1% resulting in a market volume of US$4,244m by 2024. Growth of +29.5% year-on-year


India stands at number 12 on the list after US, China, Brazil, Japan and Russia on the top five in the world.

Global Comparison of Footwear Market – Revenue in million US$

Global Footwear market stats

Shoe Brand No. of Retail Stores in India (Approximately) Shoes are mostly made in Online available on
Nike 150 Vietnam, China, Indonesia (They have 523 factories in 40 countries)
Adidas 450 China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Germany and Atlanta US
Puma 365 Mostly from China and Vietnam (Factories in China. Vietnam. Cambodia. Bangladesh. Indonesia)
Reebok 360 China, Vietnam and US (Rhode Island)
Asics 20 China, Vietnam, R&D centers in Japan
Under Armour 1 China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, Jordan, USA
Kalenji (Decathlon) 15 China
Salomon None Unknown
Lotto None Unknown
Woodland 600+ Unknown
Sparx (Relaxo) 300 Unknown
HRX None India
Fila None China
Power (Bata) 1200 China, Vietnam and India
Mizuno None China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia

Top 15 Best Shoes Brand in India

1. Nike

Top shoes brand in India

  • American Company
  • Total number of Nike stores worldwide: 1,152
  • Number of Nike stores in India: Approx. 150
  • Nike shoes are mostly made in: Vietnam, China
  • Warranty on running shoes: 90 days
  • Top 3 bestselling running shoes of Nike in India:

    Nike is the biggest and the number one brand of sports shoes in the world. It is headquartered in Oregon, US and known to be the biggest manufacturer of athletic shoes, apparel and sports equipment in the world.

    Nike’s Global market share in footwear segment

    Nike Global Market Share 2020

    You may be surprised to hear that Nike initially started its business as a distributor for Japanese shoe maker Onitsuka Tiger.

    Nike running shoes are mainly crafted from polyester, rubber, and cotton. It offers simplicity in the designs and provides a wide range of running shoes for various types of runners. They also have an option to order custom shoes on their website. This is a win-win situation for those who like to have their custom designs.

    Currently Nike sells all its products through retail stores, brand outlets, exclusive showrooms as well as hypermarkets in few metro cities of India.

    They also sells its products online on Amazon, Flipkart and few other online stores. You can also buy directly from Nike website.

    You will also find Nike’s factory outlets where Nike sells its original products at a discounted price.

    The company is quite known to use various celebrities such as football players, cricketers, tennis players, basketball players and golf players who endorse Nike brands. For example: Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Michael Jordan etc.

    As you can see in the graph above Nike holds about 27.4% of the global market share of the footwear market in 2020.


    • Pioneer in running shoes across the globe
    • Superb quality with the help of advanced technologies to avoid any risk of injury to runners
    • Most Nike running shoes are true to its size.
    • Variety of designs, colors, types and sizes available
    • Durable and comfortable for runners
    • Stylish and attractive logo (Nike Swoosh attract lot of eyes)


    • Highly counterfeited (fake shoes in the market)
    • New released shoes are quite expensive, older versions are affordable

    2. Adidas

    Best Adidas shoes in India

    • German company
    • Total number of Adidas stores worldwide: 2,408
    • Total number of Adidas stores in India: 450
    • Adidas shoes are mostly made in: China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and Turkey
    • Standard Warranty on running shoes: 90 days
    • Top 3 bestselling running shoes of Adidas in India:

    Adidas is a German multinational company, started in 1954 which is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It is currently the largest manufacturer or sports and athletic goods in Europe and the second largest in the world, after Nike.

    Today, the brand is one of the most famous across the globe. Its brilliance is manifested in its unique designs, top-notch kits, sneakers, and balls. They incline on sports gears and for this reason, quite a number of sports clubs have contracted the company to avail the various sporting kits.


    • High quality material used in midsole, outsole and upper
    • Superior Brand value for the user
    • Can be used as casual wear


    • Expensive
    • Not available for people with wide feet in India

    3. Puma

    • German company
    • Total number of Puma stores worldwide: Approx. 700+
    • Total number of Puma stores in India: Approx. 365
    • Puma shoes are mostly made in: Vietnam and China
    • Standard Warranty on running shoes: 90 days
    • Top 3 bestselling running shoes of Adidas in India:

    One more German shoe brand in the list of best shoes brand in India.

    Puma is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world after Nike and Adidas. They have more than 14000 employees and sell their shoes in more than 100 countries across the world.

    Puma offers products for Basketball, Football, Running, Training and Fitness, Golf, Motorsports and Sportstyle.

    Global Revenue of Puma 2000-2019

    Global Revenue of Puma 2000-2019

    We all know that the brand ambassador of Puma is Indian Cricket team’s captain Virat Kohli. They have also recently signed up Kareena kapoor as their brand ambassador.

    Puma has three factories in India, one in Bangalore, Jalandhar and Uttar Pradesh.


    • Affordable
    • Variety of designs, types and colors available


    • High number of defected pieces, causing customer dissatisfaction
    • Overall quality of shoes need to be improved

    4. Reebok

    Best Reebok Shoes in India

    Net sales of the Reebok brand worldwide from 2006 to 2019


    Reebok is one of the most popular shoe brands in India, and globally. Reebok entered the Indian market in 1995 and had a joint venture with New Delhi based Phoenix Overseas group.

    In 2005, Reebok was acquired by the German footwear giant Adidas.

    Started in 1958 in Boston, Reebok is the official footwear and apparel sponsor for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Cross Fit, and Spartan Race.

    Few years ago Reebok used to be the bestselling shoes in India but there was a case accusing Reebok’s senior management team of a financial fraud in 2012. This led to the arrest of couple of senior management guys in India.

    The parent company Adidas then took a decision to shut down around 1000 stores in India.

    Due to this Reebok lost their brand’s image in the eyes of the consumers. Reebok also shut down a lot of stores in India after that event.

    Reebok's turnaround in Indian Economy
    Source: Economic Times

    Reebok also used to sponsor kits for our very own Indian Football club, Mohun Bagan A.C. from 2006-2011. They also sponsored kits for IPL teams like KKR, Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Super Kings when IPL started in 2008. Reebok also raked in MS Dhoni for its brand endorsement.

    In 2006 Reebok opened a manufacturing facility in Rhode Island, USA. They are using advanced robotics and innovative software to improve the production and quality of their running shoes.


    • World Class technology in their Running shoes
    • They understand what’s required to make a world class running shoe
    • Affordable running shoes with a variety of designs, colors and types for all runners


    • Lost brand value after they closed stores in India
    • Lack of colors options as compared to other brands (most shoes are in black color)

    5. Asics

    Best Asics shoes in India

    • Japanese Company
    • Total number of Asics stores worldwide: Not available
    • Total number of Asics stores in India: Approx. 20
    • Asics shoes are mostly made in: China, Vietnam, R&D centers in Japan
    • Standard Warranty on running shoes: One year
    • Top 3 bestselling Asics shoes in India:

    Asics is a Japanese company which is well known for its footwear and sports equipment designed for a wide range of sports. You will notice that Asics running shoes are generally in the higher price range, especially for the Indian market as compared to other brands.

    One of the reasons for that is that they invest a lot of time and energy in R&D to improve their products. They have a R&D centre in Kobe, Japan, where they work closely with male and female athletes to bring new technologies.

    A couple of their well known technologies are Gel Cushioning System and Flytefoam.

    Watch this video and you’ll be surprised to see how many experiments they do to bring in the best technologies in their runnig shoes.

    and thats why people across the world love Asics.

    As per a survey done in 2017, Asics came out to be number one favorite running shoe brand. The survey that was done worldwide stated that out of all 2574 runners, sixteen percent voted Asics as their favorite running shoe brand.

    Best shoe brands in India


    • Well built running shoes with the help of research and advanced technologies. This is to help runners minimize the risk of injury and impact on their joints. For example: Duomax, Heel clutching system and many more.
    • Extremely lightweight and comfortable shoes
    • Variety of designs, shoe widths, colors and types available


    • Expensive

    6. Under Armour

    • American Company
    • Total number of Under Armour stores worldwide: 15,000
    • Total number of Under Armour stores in India: One (in Delhi)
    • Under Armour shoes are mostly made in: China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, Jordan, USA
    • Standard Warranty on running shoes: One year
    • Top 3 bestselling Under Armour shoes in India:

    Net revenues of Under Armour 2015 to 2019 by geographical region (in million U.S. dollars)

    Under Armour Regional Split by Revenues

    Under Armour is an American brand well known for its sports and casual footwear and apparel. They have state of the art innovation lab in Baltimore, Maryland. The main goal of this innovation lab is to re-think how shoes and other athletic apparel are made and possibly make improvements in their production line to make the process faster and more efficient.

    7. Kalenji (Decathlon)

    Best Kalenji shoes in India

    • French Company (Brand of Decathlon)
    • Total number of Decathlon stores worldwide: 1500
    • Total number of Decathlon stores in India: 15
    • Kalenji are mostly made in: China
    • Standard Warranty on running shoes: Two years
    • Bestselling Kalenji shoes in India:

    Have you never heard about Kalenji?

    Ever visited any decathlon store?

    Kalenji is a sports brand from the French retailer Decathlon. They have a total of 1647 stores in nearly 1000 cities across 57 countries.

    If you are into adventure sports like hiking, trekking, rafting, cycling, wall climbing or be it any other sport then you definitely would have come across their name.

    Kalenji have a wide range of running shoes, starting from 799 rupees to 6500 rupees. Most of their shoes have a 2-year warranty. This is very unique as compared to other brands because the standard warranty given by most other brands for running shoes is one year.

    According to their website, Kalenji shoes are designed to allow runners of all levels to move on to a free style of running. They have running shoes for different terrains: road, trail and track running. You can buy Kalenji shoes from Decathlon website or from Flipkart. While Kalenji is a new entrant in India and not as well known as other sports brands like Nike and Adidas it is slowly capturing a portion of market share in the Indian footwear segment. Acording to this article on economic times, Decathlon is giving a tough competition to brand like Nike and Puma and have captured a bigger market share than these brands, especially in sports gear retailing. You can buy Kalenji shoes from Decathlon website or Flipkart. Pros

    • Very affordable for beginner runners or joggers.


    • Most of their shoes are for beginners
    • Shoe life is very short (less than 6 months)
    • A lot of their shoes wear out in 2-3 months (depending upon usage)

    8. Salomon

    Best salomon shoes in India

    Salomon is a 73-year-old brand and a global leader in outdoor sports with more than 2800 employees across the world.

    Most of their shoes that are available in India are imported from Europe or China as they don’ t have any manufacturing facilities in India. This is one reason that these shoes are a bit expensive. However they are really durable and long lasting.

    The brand belongs to Amer sports which is also one of the biggest the sports equipment manufacturing company in the world.

    Salomon shoes are built with world class technology and are really long lasting and durable shoes. Because of this they are priced a bit higher than other brands in the market.

    You will see most of their shoes are focused on trail running and hiking shoes.


    • One of the best trail running shoes in the World
    • Top class material and advanced technology used in all their shoes
    • Most of their shoes are waterproof and made for rugged use


    • Lack of variety in road running shoes category (they are focused on trail running and hiking shoes)
    • Expensive as compared to other trail running shoes in India

    9. Lotto

    best lotto shoes in India

    • Italian Company
    • Total number of Lotto stores worldwide: Unknown
    • Total number of Lotto stores in India: None
    • Lotto Shoes are mostly made in: Unknown
    • Standard Warranty on running shoes: Not mentioned
    • Top 3 bestselling Lotto shoes in India:

    Lotto is an Italian sports wear manufacturer that provides sporting and casual clothing and footwear to sports enthusiasts across the world.

    Lotto distributes its sports shoes and other products through independent sports stores, specialty chain stores and large stores across 170 countries.

    Lotto shoes are well known among college students and housewives. It is also due to the reason that their running shoes and walking shoes are in the price range of 1000 – 2000 rupees.


    • Best Cheap and affordable running shoes in India. Most users rated Lotto shoes as value for money”
    • Most of their shoes can also be used as casual wear


    • Overall quality of the shoes is low.
    • Not long lasting for regular runners.
    • Most of their running shoes don’t provide arch support to the runners.

    10. Woodland

    best Woodland shoes in India

    • Canadian Company
    • Total number of Woodland stores worldwide: None
    • Total number of Woodland stores in India: Approximately 600+
    • Woodland shoes are mostly made in: Unknown
    • Standard Warranty on shoes: 90 days
    • Top 3 bestselling Woodland shoes in India:

    Woodland is a Canadian company owned by a company called Aero Group. Aero group is quite well known in the outdoor shoe industry since early 50s. They entered the Indian market in 1992 with a range of casual and sports shoes.

    Woodland owns a very small share of the sneaker’s market in India. Most of its revenue comes from its outdoor adventure shoes segment. Although their shoes are priced very reasonably in the price range of 1500 to 5000 rupees.

    Woodland has a big variety of sneakers and loafers which are mostly used for casual wear. They don’t have much in the running shoes category.


    • Good quality casual shoes made for rugged use
    • Very durable and long lasting


    • Not made for running

    11. Sparx (Part of Relaxo)

    Best Sparx shoes in India

    • Indian Company
    • Total number of Relaxo stores with (Sparx shoes) in India: 300
    • Sparx shoes are mostly made in: India
    • Standard Warranty on shoes: 90 days
    • Top 3 bestselling Sparx shoes in India:

    Sparx is a well known sportwear brand in India. They sell running shoes, sneakers, sandals and other sports apparel in India.

    It is quite well known for its active sporty design, affordable pricing and a wide variety for sports enthusiasts. The brand is part of the well known footwear brand Relaxo Footwear.

    Sparx has around 8 manufacturing units spread in the northern part of India wherein over over a million pair of footwear are designed everyday. Sparx designs a variety of running shoes, walking shoes and sneakers.


    • Affordable for beginner runners


    • Not durable and long lasting
    • Not made for intermediate and advanced runners

    12. HRX

    • Indian Company
    • Total number of Sparx stores in India: None
    • HRX shoes are mostly made in: India
    • Standard Warranty on shoes: 90 days

    Launched in 2013 by a well known Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan HRX aims to help people achieve their fitness goals. The brand sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, track pants, sports shoes, caps, duffel bags and their main focus is to capture their attention of fitness freaks in India. We would say they are more of a sports and casual apparel brand. Footwear is just part of their overall product line so they are not what you call just a shoe brand.

    HRX shoes are available online on Myntra

    13. Fila

    Best Fila shoes in India

    • Italian company (headquartered in South Korea)
    • Total number of Fila stores in India: None
    • Fila shoes are mostly made in: China
    • Standard Warranty on shoes: 90 days
    • Top 3 bestselling Fila shoes in India

    Fila is an Italian company, founded in Italy but headquartered in South Korea. The company manufactures shoes and apparel. It is currently the biggest South Korean sports wear manufacturer.

    Fila is actually well known for their tennis shoes. Their shoes are quite stylish and made from good quality material to give a comfortable and cool look to people wearing them.

    Currently Fila doesn’t have a lot of stores in India however they have big plans to launch around 100 new stores across India.


    • Can be used as casual wear
    • Good for beginner level runners
    • Very affordable


    • Not enough variety of shoes available for Indian users
    • Not enough cushioning in their running shoes. Therefore not recommended for long distance running

    14. Power (Bata)

    best power shoes in India

    • Bata is a Swiss company
    • Total number of Bata stores in India: 1200
    • Power shoes are mostly made in: China, Vietnam and India
    • Standard Warranty on shoes: 90 days
    • Top 3 bestselling Power shoes in India

    Power is a well known brand in India which belongs to Bata.

    Bata is a multinational footwear company, headquartered in Switzerland. Bata has around 5300 retail stores across more than 70 countries. They have manufacturing facilities in around 18 countries but most of their footwear is manufactured in China, Indonesia, India and Italy.

    The brand “Power” is dedicated towards sports shoes and is one of the most popular shoe brands in India especially among teenagers. Power’s strength is their price range as most of their running shoes are under 2000 rupees.

    Their walking shoes are also a favorite among middle aged women. You can buy power shoes online via Amazon or Flipkart.


    • Cheap and affordable shoes
    • Really lightweight and can be used as walking shoes, sports shoes or casual shoes


    • Not adequate cushioning and arch support in their shoes
    • Short life of their shoes (4-6 months)

    15. Mizuno

    Best Mizuno shoes in India

    • Japanese company
    • Total number of Mizuno stores in India: None
    • Fila shoes are mostly made in: China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia.
    • Standard Warranty on shoes: 90 days
    • Top 3 bestselling Mizuno shoes in India:

    You may not have heard about the brand Mizuno in India but you will be surprised to known that it is a well known brand that is mostly worn by runners in Southeast Asia and USA.

    Mizuno is a more than 100-year-old Japanese company that manufactures sports equipment and sportswear. They have one of the best running shoes with most advanced technologies and world class material being used in their products.

    Mizuno’s best running shoe in India is Wave Inspire 12 with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 on

    These running shoes are really killer shoes because they have a number of technologies that have been used by Mizuno.

    Still the sales of these shoes are not as much as compared to other well known brands like Nike and Adidas. This is because of lack of awareness among consumers in India.


    • High-quality running shoes with superior quality; value for money
    • Advanced technologies used in all Mizuno shoes for midsole, outsole, breathability and cushioning.
    • Variety of shoes for stability and neutral runners


    • Not all sizes, colors and models are available in India


    We hope that you have been able to get an in-depth understanding on which are the best shoe brands in India. In case we’ve missed out on any shoe brand please feel free to mention that in the comments section below.

    We would love to get your thoughts on this topic.

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