Best Smartwatch under 15000 in India

A friend of mine who was my running partner, recently asked me which is the best smartwatch under 15000 in India?

He knows that I use Garmin Forerunner 245 Music which is undoubtedly the best smartwatch for runners. But it was outside his budget of 15K rupees.

I asked him few questions before giving my suggestions. You should probably ask these questions before buying a smartwatch:

  1. Why do you need a smartwatch?
  2. What features are you looking for in a smartwatch
  3. How often do you workout / run in a week
  4. Does you currently have a smartwatch or have you used a smartwatch earlier?

He told me that he needs to buy a smartwatch because he would like to receive notifications on his wrist rather than checking his mobile phone every time it vibrates. He also wants to keep a track of his weekly workout activities because he does both weight training and running 6 days in a week.

He is not good at managing manual records and wants to keep everything organized digitally so that he can check his past performances such as running mileage, running pace, sleeping patterns, heart rate, water intake etc. He also mentioned that he wants a feature where he can take answer calls and listen to music even when he does not have a phone with him.

He has never used a smartwatch in his life therefore very excited to get his hands on a good smartwatch.

Based on his answers I understood he is looking for a decent smartwatch that can give notifications and track all fitness activities be it running, swimming, weight training, cycling etc.

So basically he is looking for the best fitness smartwatch within 15000 with call function.

Selecting the perfect smartwatch is quite difficult as there are a variety of choices available in the market. To make it easier for everyone I spent approximately 16 hours researching which is the top smartwatch under 15000 in India. 

Comparison of The Top 3 Best Smartwatches under 15000 in India

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Here is a list of Best Smartwatches under 15000 in India 2020

1. HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Sport – Best Fitness Smartwatch

Compatible with both Android and iOS

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If you are looking for a smart sports watch then turn your head to the magnificent Huawei GT 2 sports smartwatch. We often forget that Huawei doesn’t just make smartphones. I was surprised to see the quality of this smartwatch at such a low price point.

This spectacular smartwatch now has 500+ reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.4. That tells you about the quality of this watch.

The GT2 Sport comes with a 1.39 inch beautiful AMOLED display offering you a highly accurate touch response for an exceptional visual experience. It has a round face 3D glass screen that presents the unique attitude of elegance and style innovation.

Usually, for frequent travelers as well as long distance runners, the battery life is very important. With Huawei GT 2 smartwatch, you get pretty good battery life for up to 2 weeks. There were no complaints from buyers about the short battery life. Many buyers appreciated the long battery life even when they use this watch for tracking heart rate and GPS.  

It has a great feature called Astonishing Power Kirin A that reduces the power consumption and allows you to use it freely on the go for more than 14 days on a single charge.

The dynamic feature of the Watch GT 2 is that it has a variety of training modes available.

Huawei has now included 16 training modes to keep track of everything, from running, cycling, swimming to various strength exercises, and yes dancing as well. Huawei’s Gemstone processing technology makes this watch water-resistant and dustproof.

Music lovers can also enjoy their favorite songs while doing their favorite workout activities even without the phone, as the smartwatch can store up to 500 songs.

Yes you don’t need to carry your phone while jogging, running or working out in the gym. 

It’s actually one of the best smartwatches for tracking sleep duration and patterns with its TruSleep 2.0 feature as it provides suggestions for better rest after tracking 6 common sleep issues.

If you are among the ones who gets bored with the same watch face then you refresh your everyday mood with different styles from traditional, mimic, and some creative graffiti style.

Plus, you can connect with your friends and family with its bluetooth calling feature even while your hands are occupied or in a rush.

Apart from these features, the smart sports watch also detects the level of oxygen for good health and other features like the Weather, Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch, Flashlight, and Find My Phone. 

All in all the GT2 is a smartwatch that is packed with all basic features like notifications, alarms, flashlight, stopwatch, find my phone, water resistance, heart rate tracking, GPS, step counts, standalone music playback and standalone calling. All these features makes the GT2 the best value smartwatch in India under 15000. 


  • Excellent battery life and built quality.
  • Scratch resistance stainless steel body
  • AI based accurate heart rate monitoring – resting heart rate, single heart rate and continuous heart rate
  • Accurate GPS tracking for short distance runners, sprinters and marathon enthusiasts
  • It has a mic and speaker so you can use this watch for your phone if it’s connected with your phone via bluetooth.
  • Standalone Music playback (can store upto 500 songs that you can listen to via headphones, even without a phone)


  • Limited watch faces
  • It doesn’t support any 3rd party apps like Strava, Nike Run Club etc.


2. Fitbit Versa Lite – Best Smartwatch for Women Fitness Freaks

Compatible with both Android and iOS

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The reason why I included this smartwatch in this list is because it is available at the price of 15490 on Flipkart. You can check out the Fitbit Versa Lite on Flipkart. So it will save you couple of thousands if you buy it from Flipkart.

If you are looking for a lightweight smartwatch within 15000 rupees range, then definitely the Fitbit versa can be a good choice for you. It also can be a good gift for your sister who is a fitness freak and wants to keep a track of all her fitness activities.

Its super-light anodized aluminum case and a high-resolution color touchscreen makes it light, sleek and comfortable. Fitbit versa gives you a trending look as it comes with a square dial face with an amazing purple strap.

With Fitbit versa, you can easily take your health and fitness journey to a new level with its 15 exercise mode. 

The Fitbit mobile app can efficiently track your resting heart rate and your cardio fitness level and optimize your workouts accordingly. 

Its real-time GPS tracker shows you the exact pace and distance on display.

best fitness smartwatch 2020

Does your work pressure make you go nuts? Then you can connect the smartwatch with various fitness apps, including yoga and breathing exercise. Just Relax!

Also, because of its light weight the Fitbit Versa is perfect for females, as it helps them log periods, record symptoms, gauge ovulation, and discover patterns in their cycle using the Fitbit app.

Are you among the one who love to be around water? If yes, you can wear this watch in the shower, at the beach, and even while swimming as it is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

You get a 25mm display that gives you a smooth touch experience. The wearable watch allows you to access all notifications, and it also lets you send replies right from your wrist itself. Isn’t it amazing?

Even you do not have to charge it frequently as it gives a good battery backup for up to 4 days. 

The smartwatch also keeps track of your sleep duration and the time spent in light, deep, and REM stages. You can set alarms, personal reminders, even for hydration, to stay healthy. 

You get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, and the smartwatch is highly durable and can be used for years to come. After all it is manufactured by the well known brand Fitbit. 

In short, The Versa Lite is the best lightweight smartwatch under 15000 price range.


  • It has Customizable watch faces
  • It is waterproof and dustproof, can be used while swimming
  • It has 15 exercise mode for fitness tracking


  • Average battery life of 3-4 days
  • Cannot be used to take calls
  • Step count and heart rate tracking are not very accurate

3. Honor Magic Watch 2 with Wireless headsets – Best value smartwatch

Compatible with both Android and iOS

No products found.

Who wouldn’t like to get 2 things at the price of one? 

Honor is a smartphone brand owned by Huawei Technologies. They’ve recently entered the wearables market and launched a few smartwatches. In fact the Honor Magic Watch 2 is one of the best smartwatches available in India under 15000.

Let me tell you why…

The Honor Magic smartwatch 2 comes with wireless headsets that are Waterproof and anti-sweat. These headphones have a magnetic design and specialized call noise reduction. These headphones are included with the smartwatch and that too within the price range of less than 15K.

Amazing right?

The smartwatch is made of 316L stainless steel that is both stylish and comfortable. Plus it also makes it scratch proof and less. susceptible to nicks from everyday activities. In simple language, the 316L stainless steel is a common material that is used in the aerospace industry.

With its 1.39-inch AMOLED display, you can watch see time at a glance, without waking up your screen.

The best feature of this smartwatch is the personalized watch faces. You can store multiple photos in the watch and every time it will show up a new photo on the raise of your wrist.

Honor Magic 2 is powered by Huawei Kiran A1 chipset, which reduces power consumption and allows you to use the watch for more than 14 days without charge. 

The smartwatch also keeps you motivated toward your fitness goals. 

It helps you to optimize safe training with its VO2 max of various exercises. You can use this ultimate running watch with real-time voice-over guidance by its inbuilt 13 different running courses. 

To add some music, you can connect your Honor sport pro earphones on the run and listen to your favorite playlist without needing your phone.

Moreover, suppose if you are a deep diver. In that case, you can still wear the watch and measure your heart rate accurately, including distance, calories, and speed. 

Its built-in speaker and mic allow you to connect with your friends and loved ones right through your wrist.

Do you love adventure? If yes, this smartwatch will make you fall for hiking and climbing with its dual satellite positioning system that accurately calculates elevation. 

With the busy and stressful life, we often get disturbed sleepless nights. But Honor’s magic watch 2 will monitor your sleep duration and will also provide you with improvement suggestions. 

Wait!!! The features and benefits are not yet over, Lets jump into the honor sport Bluetooth earphones.

Even it comes with a 137MAH battery to give you a good battery life. The specialized noise reduction improves the quality of the call and also gives superior music quality.

It is magnetically designed with a completely waterproof and sweat-resistant feature.

Too much for the price of one, isn’t it? So you get all these best features under 15000 only. What are you waiting for?

You can read all buyers reviews here!


  • Superior call and music quality
  • Time glance AMOLED screen 
  • Extended battery life 
  • Easy to use even in brightness


  • Without the Huawei mobile service app, it can’t install watch faces.
  • Adding contacts and music is to be done with additional apps.


4. Amazfit Stratos A1619

Compatible with both Android and iOS

No products found.

Amazfit Stratos multisport watch has been awarded by Google for its magnificent design. 

The watch is made up of 2.5D gorilla glass and a reflective color screen that can be seen clearly, even in the bright sunlight. 

It is also hand-polished by a ceramic bezel, which makes it robust and durable to withstand all your daily challenges. It’s an ultimate smartwatch for the serious athlete, especially for divers and swimmers. 

This wearable watch is 5ATM certified, Now you must be thinking, what is 5ATM? 

It means this watch is water-resistant to up to 50m in depth for 10 minutes. It allows you to withstand all your activities in the rain or shine. 

As a fitness freak, you can enjoy its 16 sports modes, including triathlon. You can also improve your performance and understand your physiological data with its VO2 max professional physical condition analysis.

The smartwatch is equipped with a lithium polymer battery with a 290mAh charge that lasts for more than 5 days on a single charge.

top smartwatch under 15000

So you can freely go to places for hiking and vacation, where there is no power source and your smartwatch will effectively track your activity with GPS and not let you down.

If you are a music lover, you will be happy to know that the smartwatch has 2GB free space available. While running, walking, or cycling, simply tune in to your favorite music by connecting it to Bluetooth headphones or earbuds and leave your phone behind. 

In a nutshell, this is an extremely stylish smartwatch that you can get between 10000-15000 rupees price range.


  • Accurate heart rate sensor and alerts when you exceed VO2 max heart rate
  • It has 16 sports mode for fitness training
  • 2.5D gorilla glass display
  • 5ATM waterproof certified


  • It has an average battery life
  • The display resolution is low so you may face issues in bright daylight

5. Fossil Collider Hybrid HR Smartwatch for professionals

Compatible with both Android and iOS

No products found.

Here comes our last Hybrid smartwatch from Fossil. It’s a classic timepiece designed with integrated mechanical hands that makes it scratch proof to withstands all your daily activities.

It has a round face display with 42mm diameter that allows you to preview calls, text, and more, everything from your wrist.

You can easily connect your smartwatch with an android or iOs smartphone. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone and vibrates when you receive any notification.

If you are one of those who keeps forgetting where they’ve kept their phone or keeps losing their phones, then the “Find my phone” feature will be useful for you.

It efficiently tracks your daily activities, including your workouts, heart rate, track steps, distance, and calories burned.

The Fossil Collider’s highlighted feature is the interchangeable compatibility; it allows you to change the straps of the watch with all 22mm straps.

Also, the customizable buttons give you easy control of your music, date, and more.

All in all, the Fossil Collider Hybrid HR smartwatch is a good hybrid watch for men, especially those who are professional and desire a classic look smartwatch under 15000. 

You can wear this watch during your activities to track your fitness levels and can also wear it throughout the day because of its professional look.


  • It has a magnificent look and design
  • Battery life is great
  • It can be easily synced to google fit
  • Customizable buttons and interchangeable compatibility


  • Doesn’t work well in the dark, manually you have to on to turn on the backlight.
  • A bit less accurate as compared to other watches on our list.


After spending a lot of time in research, reviewing consumers feedback and reaching out to buyers who have actually tested these smartwatches, we have selected these top 5 smartwatches under 15000 that are high in efficiency and performance.

Most people buy smartwatches to make their lives easier by receiving notifications on their wrist instead of looking at the their phones all the time. But smartwatches work more than just receiving notifications.

It works as your personal trainer while performing any fitness activity. While driving, you can avoid gazing on the phone constantly as it gives you virtual direction with its GPS system. You can keep a track of your heart rate fluctuations throughout your day and try to identify patterns when and why its going high and low. 

It can also track your daily step count to see how much you walk everyday. It also helps you to track and understand your sleep patterns. Therefore you can get all these excellent features in smartwatches that are between 10000-15000 rupees price range.

So I hope the above list of best smartwatches under 15000 will help you in making the right decision.

As mentioned above I am currently using the Garmin Forerunner 245 smartwatch. I am a big smartwatch fan and in the past I’ve used the GOQii Smartwatch, Garmin Vivofit 4, and also the Amazfit Smartwatch.

From the above list of smartwatches my Top pick would be Huawei GT2 Sport because of its wonderful features and tremendous feedback from its buyers.

My 2nd choice from this list would be Honor Magic Watch 2.

Based on your requirements you can make a wise choice by selecting anyone out of these top 5 smartwatches under 15000. I can assure you that all of them are really good smartwatches in the 15K rupee price range.

If you have any questions related to smartwatches, feel free to write them in the comment section. We would love to answer your queries.

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