Best Trail Running Shoes in India

Best Trail Running Shoes in India 2020

Looking to buy the Best Trail Running shoes in India?

Lets first understand a bit more about trail running and what are trail running shoes.

Trail running is an activity which is done on trails and NOT roads or pavements or tracks. It is very different than road running and therefore needs special type of shoes.

In India there are very few runners who are actually involved in trail running. In fact almost 95 percent of marathons and race events that take place in India are done on roads.

But there are also few trail running events that happen in India. You can actually see a list of trail running events here that have happened in the last few years in India.

Trail running can be referred to running on mountainous terrain, grassy uneven patches or even muddy terrain.

What are Trail Running Shoes?

In simple words, trail running shoes are typically made of soles to assist in traction and grip. These shoes usually have treads to prevent the ankle from twisting when running on uneven surfaces.

Best for people who run in parks, trails, mountains, rocky surface or any other uneven surface.

Trail running shoes have a stiffer, tougher mid-sole to provide support on rough and rugged terrain, rocks etc.

The outsole of these shoes have big cleats to provide better traction and grip while running on rocks and uneven terrain. For example: Asics Alpine XT Trail Running Shoes

Best Trail Running Shoes in India
Sole of Trail Running Shoes

Here Are The Top 10 Best Trail Running Shoes For Men In India

1. Salomon SpeedCross 4

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2. Salomon L40798000 Alphacross

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3. Asics Alpine XT Peacoat

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4. Nike Zoom Vomero 9

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5. Salomon Synthetic Supercross

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6. Skechers Go Trail Jackrabbit

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7. Adidas Trail Rocker

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8. Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5

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9. Altra Lone Peak 4.5

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10. Vibram V2.0 Trail Running Shoes

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