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Anatomy of a Running Shoe

Anatomy of a Running Shoe

If you run regularly to keep yourself fit then you know that wearing the right pair of shoes is very important. There are tons of running shoes out there in the market, some of them are very cheap running shoes and few ones are really expensive running shoes in India

There are various other factors you need to keep in mind while buying the right pair of Running shoes online in India. 

Whenever you are buying Running shoes always remember these few things in mind :-

(i) Running Shoes are continually evolving.

(ii) Each model of the running shoe within each brand is built for a specific foot type or foot arch.

(iii) There is no “best shoes for running” or “best running shoes” on the market.

(iv) Each runner’s foot type is different in shape and there are different running shoes for different foot types. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Skechers etc. understand these things and manufacture running shoes based on runner’s foot arch and pronation.

(v) You will see hundreds of Running shoes and deals online but there is no way to filter shoes based on your foot arch, pronation, terrain and usage. 

Whether you run regularly or you run few times in a week or month, you need to first understand about your arch type, heel strike, pronation, wide forefeet / narrow forefeet etc. to select the right running shoes for yourself.

We explained this in detail here in this article: How to choose right running shoes for Beginners.

Running shoes can be categorized into 3 different types, based on your Arch Type:

1. Neutral Shoes

2. Stability Shoes    

3. Motion Control Shoes

Based on your foot arch type you need to select the right footwear for running. 

You can refer to the below chart for quick reference and then buy the right footwear for running. See link below for Best Neutral and Stability Shoes in India.

How to choose best running shoes in India

Top 10 Best Running Shoes in India [Pick as per your arch type]

Road Running Shoes vs Trail Running Shoes

Running shoes also have different types of soles made for different terrains. For running on hard terrain like roads, pavements, asphalt you would need to buy Road Running Shoes. While running on rocky and uneven terrains you wound need Trail Running shoes.

What are Road Running Shoes?

  • As the name suggests, road running shoes are made specifically to run on harder surfaces like roads, sidewalks (pavements), treadmill, tracks or other hard surfaces.
  • Lightweight, flexible shoes with cushioned mid-sole made specifically for repetitive strikes on harder surfaces
  • Typically have a flat and smooth outsole. For example: Asics Gel Kayano 24

What are Trail Running Shoes?

  • In simple words, trail running shoes are typically made of soles to assist in traction and grip. These shoes usually have treads to prevent the ankle from twisting when running on uneven surfaces. 
  • Best for people who run in parks, trails, mountains, rocky surface or any other uneven surface. 
  • Stiffer, tougher midsole to provide support on rough and rugged terrain, rocks etc. Trail running shoes have big cleats on the outsole to provide better traction and grip while running on rocks and uneven terrain. For example: Asics Alpine XT Trail Running Shoes

Best Road Running shoes in India

Best Trail Running Shoes in India

Top 10 Shoes Brands in India

  • Under Armour
  • Kalenji
  • Salomon
  • Lotto
  • Woodland

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