Best Nike shoes under 5000

Best Nike Shoes under 5000 in India

A lot of our readers have been asking the question that what are the best Nike shoes under 5000 rupees?  I hope that you know Nike is the number one and the largest sportswear brand in the World. It is a favorite sports brand of many sports and fitness freaks across the world.  Especially in …

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Best Running Shoes under 1500

Best Running Shoes under 1500 in India

Do you want to be fit by hitting the track at your own free time? Well, you are in the right place because in just five minutes you will have your answer to which are the best running shoes under 1500 rupees in India. All the well known sports shoe brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc. …

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Best Running Shoes Under 5000 in India

Best Running shoes under 5000 in India

Buying a new pair of running shoes can be an expensive affair especially if you want to keep one pair for marathon and the other pair of shoes for daily running. What makes it more difficult is if you have a set budget to buy the best running shoes under 5000 rupees. I am there to …

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Best Running shoes under 2000 in India

Best Running Shoes in India under 2000 Rs.

I recently met a friend who asked me a question – What are the best running shoes under 2000 rupees? He recently started running and knew nothing about running shoes so I had to help him. I’ve always been fascinated by running shoes since my teenage. A lot of my friends call me a shoe …

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