What are First Copy Shoes?

I’ve been wondering about a question that my friend asked me last week so I decided to dig more into this. He asked me this question – What are first copy shoes?

First copy shoes are actually the copy of the original shoes. They are sometimes also referred to as true copy or knock offs.

Today we have copies of almost every brand of shoes, clothes, makeup, etc. It is true that first copy shoes are good but not durable as a branded ones. Please don’t think that shoes that are made in China, Vietnam or Indonesia are first copy shoes. Most athletic companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma have factories based in these countries to save cost of labor. It doesn’t mean that the products made in these countries are first copy products.

People started making such copies for the people who can’t afford expensive shoes. From our point of view, you should always buy shoes which are comfortable and durable. And the first copy shoes are durable and affordable.

Suppose you are brand conscious but don’t have enough money to buy branded shoes. A branded person needs the brand’s design and can have that design even at a low price. So why waste money on branded shoes if you can have them at a low price!

Difference between the First Copy and Original Shoes

There are many shoe brands and the first copies of these brands if you are looking for shoes. People get confused about the first copy and the original ones. It could cause a problem if you purchase the first copy of the original branded shoe at the original one’s price.

If you go towards the first copy shoe, you just need to know the difference between a first copy and original branded shoes.

  • A first copy shoe has a low quality of fabric that is used in the shoe.
  • The first copy doesn’t have a warranty.
  • All the branded shoes are pricey because of their quality and durability, but a first copy has a low price. Suppose if a shoe by Adidas is of 20000, you can get its first copy only in 2000 Rs.
  • Some manufacturers have shoes that are exact replicas of the original one. It will be difficult for you to decide whether it is original or not. But you can check the quality of its sewing and leather material.

Some manufacturers have replica shoes called 7a quality shoes. However,  there is a difference between the first copy and 7a quality shoes. First copy shoes are OK but not so good in quality, but the 7a quality shoes are a starting form of replicas and better quality than the first copy ones.

Things to Know to Identify First Copy and Original Shoe

There are some tricks to tackle the fake and original ones. It is essential to know because you are at a loss if you buy a low-quality shoe at a branded price.

Check the Manufacturer

If you want to buy the first copy shoe, first confirm the seller is not selling his products at a high price. There are many manufacturers of first copy shoes, but you need to find one who doesn’t sell them at a high price as their quality is not good. Consult your family or friends if they know a good seller.

Check Online Reviews

If you are buying it online, check the reviews about the shoes first. People who bought them before you must have commented about their quality. Reviews on various buying sites are the best way to know a product as they give us the feedback of consumers after their hands-on experience with the product.

Check Quality

Original brands like Nike, Adidas, Hushpuppies, etc., don’t compromise on their product quality. But first copy shoes always have a low material and fabric. As they are cheap, why would they use high-quality material?

Stitching Patterns

You can quickly identify a first-copy shoe by checking its stitching pattern. If the pattern is not in a sequence,  it is the first copy. Original brands never change their stitching pattern. As they never compromise on the quality of their products. They don’t want to break the trust of their customers.

Check the Logo

Original shoes always have a logo on them and inside their sole. No one can copy the logos exactly. In contrast, the first copy shoes don’t have such logos. They have stamps or stickers.

Check the price

The price is the primary key to identify between the original and fake. The original branded shoes are expensive, sometimes out of reach, but if you have a good seller, he will provide you a copy at a low price. The first copy of shoes is always low in price because of the low-quality material used in the shoes.


If you want a return policy on shoes, a branded shoe seller will always guarantee you. But a fake seller will never take the guarantee. And they don’t have any warranty time as original shoes have a warranty of 1 to 2 years or more.

SKU Code

Always check the SKU code inside the shoe if there is a stamp; they are not original because original brands use barcoding.


The packaging of the shoe shows a clear difference between a branded and standard shoe. The branded shoe has high-quality packing; they have bags to prevent dust and a high-quality box and a bag to carry. But the first copy shoes come with a low-quality box, and the shoe is wrapped in wrapping sheets.

Why Should You Purchase First Copy Shoes?

Nowadays, people can’t manage to eat adequately, so how can they afford original branded shoes. Such people also want to wear nice shoes, but first copy shoes are an excellent choice for those who can’t afford them as they look just like branded ones and are affordable. Now the students who can’t afford expensive shoes can shoe off in college with these first copy shoes.

Are First Copy Shoes Good for the Money?

If you find first copy shoes that are good in quality and are comfortable, why go for branded high-priced shoes. Not all the first copy shoes need to be of bad quality, and the quality is undoubtedly lower than the original one but not too bad that you can’t purchase it. If you get a comfortable first copy shoe at a low price, we would advise you to go for it.

These are good for the middle-class people who can’t afford branded shoes. With these first copies, they can fulfill the desire to wear branded shoes.

Where Should You Purchase a First Copy Shoe?

First copy shoes are very demanding nowadays because of their low price. Some people say that they are not durable, but from my point of view, it is not too bad to buy shoes with brand name at such a low price. And if you use them with some care, they are durable.

There are many online sites where you can buy your first copy shoes easily. You can also buy them directly from the flee markets but remember to check the quality of the shoe before buying. As some copies have very low quality, the first copies usually have a good quality, not like the original but are fine.

Are First Copy Shoes good for Running?

All the runners are conscious about their shoes’ quality because they need to run daily and want to have some durable but affordable shoes. Mostly they go towards branded shoes, but still, they are not satisfied because of their high price.

They want to have good quality shoes at a low price, so they have an excellent opportunity to buy first copy shoes. These shoes are not as durable as original ones but still worth your money as they are durable for their price. If you buy an original one, you can buy only a single pair of shoes, and if you are bored with this, you can’t change it at once as it is pricey. But with the first copies, you can change them after a year. And still, it will not cost you much as its price is lower than half of the original price.


  • First copy shoes are low in price; you don’t need to spend your money on high-priced, branded shoes.
  • They look exactly as you are wearing a branded shoe.
  • You can buy two to three pairs of shoes at a time.


  • The material used in these shoes is not durable like branded ones.
  • It can cause pain to your foot as most of them are not comfortable.


The replica of original branded shoes is an excellent opportunity for people who can’t afford expensive shoes. The people who want to have various shoes can buy many shoes at a low price with a branded shoe design.

These shoes are not as durable as the original ones, but you can buy them if you want to change your shoes after a few months. It is worth your money if you have a branded copy with less than half the original ones’ price. The first copies are not long-lasting, but they are also comfortable as the branded ones.

We hope this informative article would help you know everything about the first copy of the shoes. Now you can decide whether you want to buy it or not.