What Nike shoes make you Taller?

Do you sometimes feel that you need a nice pair of sneakers to make you taller? Many brands try to come up with designs with a big sole, but this time we focus on what Nike shoes make you taller.

Are you just trying to look taller than your natural height? The idea is the same, increasing your height by wearing sneakers with big heels.

Height amplifying sneakers are just like makeup kits, but this time you are making up for the height you don’t have.

Having the right pair will be vital when you decide to work on your ‘artificial’ height. The list of shoes to amplify your height is endless but we only focus on the most effective and best choice.

Can buying sneakers that make you taller be worth the gamble?

Holy Yes!

It’s crystal clear that elevator shoes have become more of a lifestyle.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the Best Nike sneakers that makes you taller.

In a hurry? Here is a quick comparison of the 9 Best Nike Shoes that make you taller

ShoesApproximate Height IncreaseShoe TypePrice
Nike Air Force 1 1.18 inches Basketball Sneakers
Nike Air Max 200 1.53 inches Running Sneakers
Nike Air Max 720 1.50 inches Running Sneakers
Nike Vapor Max Plus 1.3 inches Running / Casual Sneakers
Nike Air Max 270 1.4 inches Running Shoes
Nike Air Max Ltd. 3 1.39 inches Low-Top Casual Sneakers
Nike Air Max 90 1.25 inches Running / Casual Sneakers
Nike Air Jordans 0.82 inches Basketball Sneakers
Nike Shox NZ 1.14 inches Running / Casual Sneakers


The 9 Best Nike Sneakers that makes you taller

1. Nike Air Force 1; Height: 1.18 inches



Nike Air Force 1 height

TypeBasketball Sneakers
Height Increase1.18 inches
Closure:Laces Strap


Leather Upper, Rubber Sole

That’s right! The Air Force One

This iconic, retro-inspired Nike designer offers more elevation than you can imagine. It features a chunky sole accompanied by premium air cushioning thus offering long-lasting comfort.

Apparently, the Air Force one’s bulky look is as a result of the 3-cm rubber sole. With thousands of variations on this iconic sneaker, you can choose from a number of designs. You should be able to see all the variations of Air force one here.

Some people believe that these shoes doesn’t give as much elevation, but considering that it makes you taller by 1.18 inches (approximately 3 cms), it is definitely worth the shot.

Call it unisex, un-characterized, engendered, or however you want. They simply can’t be claimed by any specific gender.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you can rock these height increasing sneakers without the worry of it being masculine or feminine. It’s the year 2021 and nobody gives a damn as long as they are of the right size and fits you perfectly.

Fact Check
This design was actually created by Bruce Kilgore back in 1982 for Nike Air Force 1. It was the first-ever basketball shoe of Nike to use air cushioning technology. Many celebrity athletes like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Tony Parker have been seen wearing these sneakers on multiple occassions.

2. Nike Shox NZ; Height Increase: 1.4 inches

TypeRunning / Casual Sneakers
Height Increase1.4 inches


Leather Upper, Rubber Sole

They say the height lies on the heel of your shoe and not the midfoot.

Well the Nike Shox justifies this whole statement. It comes with a 3.5 cm air cushioning system at the heel section and slopes all the way to the toe section to form a barely elevated toe section.

This pair will amplify your natural height by 1.4 inches, which is absolutely incredible. So if you’re around 5 feet 8 inches you would look like a decent 5 feet 9ish inch tall person.

The only downside is they run a bit small than your actual size. Therefore I suggest you to buy half size or one size bigger.

3. Nike Air Max 720; Height Increase: 1.5 inches

TypeRunning Sneakers
Height Increase1.5 inches


Mesh Upper, Synthetic Sole

The Air Max 720 from Nike is undoubtedly one of the most stunning high sneakers in the market right now. Along with comfort and style it also gives you a height increase of approximately 1.5 inches.

From a first glance, they look bulky but don’t worry about the weight since it is matched by its height.

Besides, at the end of the day you are looking to pump some inches to your overall height. The sole is 4.1 cm thick and it is currently one of the most flourishing sneakers in the market. That means if you wear Air Max 720 you would be 1.5 inches taller.

Additionally, the air cushioning system provides more comfort to cruise through your day.

Oh, did I tell you that you can actually do some short runs or light jogging in these shoes.

4. Nike Vapor Max Plus; Height 1.3 inches

TypeRunning / Casual Sneakers
Height Increase1.3 inches


Neoprene Upper, Rubber Sole

These “new in the market” kicks have a sole height of 1.3 inches and the heel section is 1.6 inches in height. That means at least you will be taller by 1.3 inches when rocking in these sneakers.

The Nike Vapor Max Plus does not just gives you height but also gives you comfort and stability when you go out for walks or shorter runs.

Here is a review from a someone who recently bought these shoes online from Amazon

These are the best shoes that I have ever worn. I will always buy these shoes for power walking. These are the best shoes ever!

– Reviewer on Amazon

5. Nike Air Max 270; Height: 1.4 inches

TypeRunning Shoes
Height Increase1.18 inches


Breathable Mesh Upper, Rubber Sole

The Air Max 270 from Nike first premiered in 2018 and since then it has blossomed as one of the biggest air units. The sole unit itself is 3.5 centimeters and offers high comfort levels which are essential for the day to day lifestyle.

The Nike Air Max 270 is actually one the best running shoes that makes you taller.

This prototype poses a significant boost to your height and offers an extra 1.4 inches to your height.

The only downside of Air Max 270 is that it is narrow at the forefoot section which makes it difficult and uncomfortable for a person with wide shoes to wear them.

6. Nike Air Max Ltd 3; Height: 1.39 inches

TypeLow-Top Sneakers
Height Increase1.39 inches


Upper Leather and Synthetic, Gum Rubber Sole

The first version of Air Max Ltd. premiered in 2002, and the prototype has evolved into more stylish versions. The air sole provides adequate cushioning, making them a day to day footwear.

Just like the other shoes in the Air Max family, the sole thickness of Nike Air Max Ltd. is above the average height and for this limited version, it is no exception. The sole is 3.4 cm in height and you can just imagine the elevation you get when wearing these kicks.

7. Nike Air Max 90; Height: 1.25 inches

TypeRunning / Casual Sneakers
Height Increase1.25 inches


Synthetic and Breathable Mesh Upper, Rubber Sole

Old is gold!

The Nike Air Max 90 first featured in the market in the 90s. But it still had the elevation idea all through its design. It still looks pretty stylish in the 21st century and has a comfortable interior.

The sole of the legendary Air Max 90 sneaker is roughly 3.1 cm and upon fitting, it can boost your height with about 1.25 inches which is pretty decent.

What you get is all round comfort, superb cushioning and a running shoe that adds style to your personality.

8. Nike Air Jordans; Height: 0.82 inches

TypeBasketball Sneakers
Height Increase0.82 inches


Synthetic Leather Upper, Rubber Sole
Do you like playing and watching basketball? Perhaps you’re already tall or you would like to appear taller…
Whatever is your reason if you like basketball then these shoes are a must buy for you.
These shoes are stylish, comfortable and definitely adds a bit of height. To be precise they add approximately 0.82 inches of height.
Its not as much height as other shoes on this list can add but if you’re looking for a basketball sneaker that adds height then Air Jordans should be your first choice.

9. Nike Air Max 200; Height: 1.53 inches

TypeRunning Sneakers
Height Increase1.53 inches


Synthetic Leather Upper, Rubber Sole
The Air Max 200 comes with a two hundred percent increase in the Airsole unit providing a lot of comfort and cushioning along with a decent height increase.
The best part I love about Air Max 200 is that it is available in more than 20 different color combinations. You can buy a pair with only one color like this one or you can buy a pair that has multiple color combinations like this one.


So which Nike shoes make you taller? Now we know…

There are many aspects that you need to weigh as you choose the height increasing sneakers to go for. From durability, designs to price etc.

The bottom line is that Nike is a trusted brand that crafts long-lasting and at the same time unique sneakers that will make you look taller when wearing them.

Women sneakers that make you taller come at different prices, but it all depends on your preference and how much you can fork out without feeling the pinch.

So, are you being criticized about your height or are your friends making fun of your height?

Well, you can just sit down and say it’s your life, your rules or you can wake from this critic dream and get yourself a pair of any of the above sneakers.

Besides, they won’t even notice that it’s the shoes making you taller!

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